Halong Bay Floating Fishing Villages – Tips For Visiting

Halong Bay Fishing Villages – Top tourist destinations in Ha Long

Ha Long bay Floating fishing villages, places of interest alluring a host of tourists

  • Floating Fishing Villages are considered as one of the most places of interest in Ha Long beautiful Bay. Based on most foreign tourists that have ever visited Halong, of all activities held in this bay, the one which seems to draw a lot of attention of tourists is an intriguing visit to floating fishing villages.
  • Visitors can choose lots of tour package such as Halong Bay 3 days 2 nightsand 2 days 1 night Halong Bay at Focus Asia Travel. Most cruises to Halong Bay include the visit to these floating fishing villages.

Famous cruises on Halong Bay often pass by one of Halong floating fishing villages

  • Junks and cruises often pass by one floating village as one of the destinations in the voyage. During the cruise, there is a short stop at a fishing village, a wonderful chance for tourists to having a peek into the daily lifestyles of fishermen here.

Visiting fishing villages in Halong is a great chance to discover the lifestyles of fishermen

  • To reach to these fishing villages, some local residents will come to pick you up with their little sampans. If you desire to have a more profound sight on the routine life as well as the unique cultural beauty of these villages, you are free to ask for information and experience from your companions.
  • There are many fishing locations for you to choose, but below is the list which contains the most celebrated fishing villages in the World Heritage Site. This list is based on my personal experience and perspective and many inhabitants’s one as well.

Floating Fishing Villages in Halong Bay that you should not miss:

1. Ba Hang fishing village, an idyllic village

  • For those who are keen on enjoying the tranquil atmosphere and many magnificent fishing boats, Ba Hang fishing village is definitely your priority.
  • Located along the Bay with touching of Thien Cung marvelous cave, the idyllic fishing village consists of approximate households. In recent years, with the development of tourism and tourist services, this village board up to take care of tourists and a large number of households have served in tourism.
Halong Bay Floating Fishing Villages

thien cung cave

Thien Cung Cave, an incredibly marvelous destination in Ha Long Bay

  • Ba Hang fishing village is home to many generations and the young never leave but stay here to aid their parents. Their daily lives closely associate with the rising and falling of the tides.

=> It creates a true marine world with its unique beauty of locals’ lives.

  • Discover local life in a Ba Hang fishing village
  • During the voyage, visitors will come to a surprise when witnessing a simplicity of life in the village.
  • The family members in this fishing village just live together in a house which are only about 5-10 m2 wide and household accommodation and amenity are all simple.
Halong Bay Floating Fishing Villages

Ba Hang fishing village

You will be surprised by the simplicity of life in Ba Hang fishing village

  • Amazing activities alluring a host of foreign tourists.

Tourists not only seek a chance to enjoy fresh appetizing seafood but also watch folksong performance such as “hat gheo” or “hat cheo duong” in the peaceful atmosphere of the fishing village.

Folksong performance, “hat gheo”, a special feature of Ba Hang fishing village

  • You could easily transfer to the floating village by cruise tour daily. In this cruise tour, you could both visit floating village and partake in water activities: swimming, kayaking, and diving.
  • Visitors can also purchase drying products and hand-made artifacts from local people as souvenirs for friends and family.

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2. Cua Van fishing village, an ideal place for all kinds of ships anchor

  • Location: Cua Van is situated at Hung Thang Commune, Halong City, 20 kilometers away from the tourist boat wharf.
  • A journey of exploring the local life here
  • Located in a calm inlet surrounded by rocky mountains, Cua Van Village has a population of 733 in 176 households with their main career known as fishing.

A spectacular corner of Cua Van Fishing Village

  • Their floating houses appear to be spacious and clean. Some wealthy families even have tiled roof houses with radios, television sets, tables and chairs.
  • Annually, the village organizes many training courses for their children. Over an area of 150m2 lies four classrooms and one small room for teachers. They are known as the prominent floating classrooms in Ha Long Bay.

The mysterious beauty of boats floating on the blue water of Cua Van village

  • Intriguing activities that visitors can’t miss
  • Visitors easily be attracted by the beauty of the boats, the nets doorstep bamboo beans, escrow houses tied together against the storm, the casual fisherman, but very naive the hospitality, the black child dark skin with their innocent smiles..

Bamboo Rowing Boat, an intriguing activity in Halong Bay cruise tour

  • When night falls, visitors will be sailing around the village to visit, and fishermen pulled nets and offshore squid.
  • Guests also hear singing teaser performed by local fisherman and rowing street theater

Rowing street theater: An oratorio form with many folk songs endemism Bay area.

Other recommended things to do in Halong Bay

  • Halong Bay Rock Climbing
  • Halong Bay Diving

3. Vung Vieng Fishing Village, a poor village filled with innocent smiles of kids

  • Bai Tu Long and the Vung Vieng Fishing Village is off the beaten tourist track because of its far distance to the popular Cat Ba Island which has lodging, beaches, and nearby famous caves.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village full of beautiful beaches and surrounded caves

  • Unique lifestyle of locals here
  • There are about 50 families with the population between 200 and 300 residents. A one-third population is children and their presence livens up the tranquil fishing life.
  • Vung Vieng inhabitant has started their lives in coexistence with the sea. These families have lived in this village for generations, attached to the waves and tides.

The life in coexistence with the waves and tides of Vung Vieng locals

=> This is a floating life without a single concern about how much the house rental fee fluctuates.

  • What to do in this peaceful land
  • Under the majestic moonlight, tourists can sit on woven bamboo boats beside the crackling fire, listening to folk song duets, dropping flower garlands and colored lanterns for luck and observing the locals’ work.

Sitting on woven bamboo boats is a memorable experience for tourists

  • Exciting activities vary from folk song singing contest, culinary competition, swimming competition, and boat handling competition.
  • Tourists can drop some notebooks, pens for the village children.

4. Cong Dam fishing village, an outdoor geological museum in the beach

  • Location: Cong Dam fishing village is located on Bai Tu Long bay, far from the mainland.
  • The number of visitors to Cong Dam fishing village is rather low, thus, the sceneries there has still remained primitive beauty and the cool fresh environment.
  • The special feature of this village is plenty of mountains formed by a stack of huge rock and pristine coral reefs.
  • Besides, surrounding Cong Dam villages are many different islets and wonderful beaches full of white smooth sand and blue waters including Tra Gioi, Cay Bang, and Cat Oan beaches.

Tra Gio beach near to Cong Dam village, an ideal place for swimming

  • Locals’ space of life of Cong Dam inhabitants
  • Cong Dam is relatively small with a population of 120 people.
  • The residents here still maintain their traditional fishing culture.
  • Things to do in Cong Dam fishing village
  • Visiting Cong Dam village, tourists can explore the lifestyle of locals as well as their customs and traditions.
  • Tourists can have a chance to gossip with friendly local people, hear them talk about their memories of life and how they deal with huge storms.
  • In addition, they can also participate in many interesting activities such as rowing boat or kayaking to discover mysterious caves or enjoy dreaming beaches nearby.
  • If you are in favor of environment preservation, do not miss to go fishing or grow trees with local people!

5. Cap La fishing village

  • Location: Cap La lies between Bai Tu Long and Halong Bay.
  • Economically disadvantaged living style of locals
  • The village contains 80 households with more than 200 people living in this village.
  • They make ends meet mainly by fishing.
  • Children go to school until they are 12 years old, then they drop out to work as a fisherman.
  • What to try in here
  • As tourism doesn’t develop much, visitors coming here can enjoy the unexplored beauty with plenty of coral reefs, underground limestone, and underwater caves.

Foreign tourists can join catching fish with locals

  • Visitors can join catching fish with locals here, talking to them about the daily activities.
  • It is very kind to give young children meaningful presents and gifts.

Halong Bay Floating Villages is actually a must come destination of Ha Long Bay and the S-shaped country, as well. If you want to further information, don’t hesitate to contact Focus Asia Travel to join hands in creating unforgettable experiences.