Kayaking in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the world’s natural wonders, with breathtaking scenery. Halong Bay is becoming a popular tourism destination for both domestic and international visitors. The variety of tourism options in Halong Bay is one of the factors that contribute to its popularity.

Kayaking is one of them, and it has been common in Halong Bay since the early 1990s. Initially, kayaking was mostly for foreigners who enjoyed the adventure. Domestic tourists, especially active young people who enjoy exploring, are also very interested in this type of tourism. If you’re going to Halong Bay, let’s go kayaking Halong Bay.

General Information

A kayak is a rubber boat that can only hold two boats. Halong bay kayak explorers should wear a swimsuit while kayaking for the most comfort. You can also be provided with a life jacket. Kayaking is very risky for those who cannot dive. Kayaking will take you to Dau Be, Luon cave, Ba Ham cave, and Co cave.

When kayaking, you should take care not to drop your phone or camera into the sea. When entering the deep caves, tourists can lie down on the boat and use their hands to propel the boat down the river (absolutely not sit sailing).

A kayak can be rented for 150k per hour. Visitors will borrow kayaks at the pier and the island.

Kayak Ha Long Club, Group 94, Don Dien Ward, Ha Khau Ward, Halong City is the rental address.

When it comes to Halong tours, visitors can not only discover the nature of the bay on luxurious yachts, but they can also see the breathtaking scenery by kayaking across Halong Bay. Visitors can relax and watch the clouds of Halong Bay. Not only can Halong Bay kayak explorers sail through each corner of the cave, but they can even hit the stalactites in the caves here.

Visitors will explore the fishing villages in Halong Bay in addition to kayaking on Halong Bay. The explorers will share in the experience as fishermen alongside the locals, learning about the special culture of Halong Bay’s fishing village. Many tourists like to sail and the rafts to see how fishers live their everyday lives, from knitting nets to removing nets, feeding fish, and even cooking on the raft.

Cua Van fishing village, Van Chai Halong fishing village, Vung Vieng fishing village, and Ba Hang fishing village are possible destinations for these experience events. Kayaks can be rented right at the Halong tourist terminal.

Tourists will continue their kayak tour of Halong Bay by passing through Lu Huong islet, Trong Mai islet, Heaven Gate, and stopping in front of Luon cave. Tourists will openly explore the mystical existence of TiTop island and swim in Halong Bay’s bright blue sea. This is one of the fascinating aspects that draws tourists to take a kayaking trip in Halong Bay.

Climbing to the peak of Titop mountain, travelers can get a bird’s-eye view of the lake. The limestone islands, which vary in size and form, stand in the center of the sea blue sky. After dinner, visitors can light the ink squirrels or converse with the boat crew. Visitors enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while admiring the stunning sunrise. Then travelers will begin a new day to explore the beauty of the Sung Sot Cave and the stalactite cave, which has the form of a tree, a chicken, a toad, a dragon, a waterfall, and so on.

Kayaking guide

When kayaking, the first thing you can do is sit in the boat and then lay your back against the seat. To be relaxed, keep your knees bent. Stretch your legs out and shrink one step to find the safest spot to position your feet. It is also critical to keep your hands on the paddle. Allow your arms to be parallel to the width of your shoulders. When holding the paddle to the top of the head, the elbow forms a 90o angle. On the outside of the handle, make sure the distances between the two sections are the same.


Do not allow the legs to become too straight, as this can create lower back pain due to pressure compression.

You do not have excessively curved wings. It can cause an impact on the fixed portion of the leg, making kayaking impossible.

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