What to buy in Hanoi

One of the most amazing things about traveling to Vietnam is seeing a variety of objects you might have never seen before, such as conical hats, ethnic goods, or rattan-made items.

Here are few ideas about what to buy in Hanoi:

1. Silks and Clothing

Vietnamese people are renowned for producing incredibly smooth, lightweight and vibrant silk. Van Phuc silk village, with the tradition of 1000-year taking highest-quality silk goods into market, stands out among hundreds of brands. Silk scarves, ao dai, or skirts are unquestionably the perfect gifts for sophisticated ladies.

2. Embroidery and Craft

Hanoi is known for its embroidered goods, which range in price, style, and content. Embroidered bed sheets, pillowcases, napkins, handbags, nightgowns, and other items are among the most common. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find truly “Vietnamese” patterns, such as designs of majestic birds, lotus flowers, or a view of Sapa.

3. Houseware and Ceramics

It is unquestionably a safe option if you do not need to transport bulky or delicate items back home. Next, go to Bat Trang Ceramics and Pottery Village for the most authentic experience, and even try your hand at producing the first vase. Then why not buy anything as a souvenir, such as a spoon, a flower vase, or some home decor that will undoubtedly brighten up your home?

4. Bamboo and Rattan

It is not an exaggeration to say that Vietnam is a bamboo, rattan, and another environmentally sustainable content haven. Skilled artisans transform them into large benches, shopping bags, or chopsticks, all of which are extremely small, functional, and well-designed. Let’s go buy some so they remind you of Vietnam if you use them.

5. Snack Food

When it comes to sweets, O Mai should be at the top of the line. They are dried fruits flavored with ginger, chili, sugar, and salt, creating a flavorful concoction. They are primarily a treat for guests during the Lunar New Year, but in recent years, they have grown in popularity as gifts or souvenirs for visitors.

Some additional suggestions are also worth considering. consists of lacquerware, items of Ethnic people and luxury goods (real and fake) (real and fake)