Muong Hoang Yen-Yellow lanterns in summer

Every year in the summer, as the sun begins to “burn” the city of Hanoi, Muong Hoang Yen begins to bloom, displaying its stunning yellow on every street of the city.

The bright yellow flowers look stunning in the hot summer light. Countless bunches of yellow flowers and green buds dangle from the trees, making them sparkle as though they were planted in paradise. The yellow of the flowers overpowers the green of the trees.

Muong Hoang Yen’s dazzling yellow lightens every single spot where it resides. The flowers normally peak in May, when the summer sun is at its harshest; the purple of the sun seems to be a very effective side kick in toning down the yellow of the flowers.

Muong Hoang Yen can be found on any Hanoi street, but the best place to enjoy its beauty should be West Lake, where the sun, water, and wind combine with the flowers to form a great combination that could not be better for sightseeing, particularly at dawn. The hue of the sky at the bottom is such a beautiful backdrop for the yellow flowers.

Muong Hoang Yen

Simply walking around the lake in the shadow of Muong Hoang Yen would fill your frame with pictures of the breathtaking scenery.