Traveling and photo hunting can never go without one another, and this is what people are aspiring to do when visiting Halong Bay, one of the most sought-after destinations in Vietnam.

Located in the Northern land of the country, Halong Bay seemingly wins your heart with almost any random corner all around the Bay. No matter what kind of traveler you are, from adventurers, natural fans, culture-vulture, Halong pleases all.

In this article, Focusasiatravel reveal 12 incredible places in Halong Bay where you can come up with the best photos of your life.

A sneak peek into the UNESCO’s World Heritage, Halong Bay

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Dotted with over 1,969 beautiful limestone islands and islets, which spans an area of more than 1500 sq. km., Halong Bay is truly a spectacular sight to see in the northern part of Vietnam overlooking the Chinese border. This natural wonder was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1994 and there’s no debate about it, being the country’s number one tourism hub, travelers perceives this surreal landmark with teeming biodiversity as something that only exists in the movies. The Gulf of Tonkin harbor these lofty limestone pillars, humble islets and grottoes which survived the test of time makes Halong Bay a sight to behold in the emerald waves of northern Vietnam.

 Most Insta-worthy spots in Halong Bay

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Capture some shots at the best angles on your cruise

Spending a night or two on a luxury cruise is the most common option travelers can get when visiting Halong. Not only does it allow you to admire the beauty of Halong Bay from the best up-close view, but it’s also a great chance to capture the most stunning shots at the foot of the limestone mountains upwards.

Another best angle you should consider snapping is the deck of the cruise. Get some glamorous dresses ready while laying back on the white chair under the Northern Sun!

Don’t forget to pay attention to the light! Early in the morning is the finest time in the day for your photographs. Otherwise, considering saving some time for sunset if you’re short in time. The brightest Sun during noon is definitely something you don’t want to get!

Getting mesmerized by the beauty of the Bay up in the air

Drone! Yes! That’s what I’m talking about. A majority of the pictures about the magnificent Halong Bay you get is captured from the drone scrolling around the sky.
There are four ways you can get a stunning shot like this: one is by a drone, one is from the Sun Wheel, one is from a Queen cable car, and the other is from a seaplane.
Well, you can even rent a helicopter but you definitely don’t want to cost a fortune just for that! Parachuting sounds fun but this way won’t allow you to take a photo of the best either!


get best photos in halong seaplane
Enjoying the impeccable Halong Bay 300 meters above the sea in a seaplane flight is definitely something you don’t want to miss. Booking for this includes a cruise trip around the Bay as well as pick-up and drop-off services.

Otherwise, you can choose to sign up for a 25-minute sightseeing flight to feel the oceanic breeze up above the sky while claiming some exclusive shots for yourself.

One big bonus for those hoping on a seaplane is the easy access to the Internet connection. How about wowing your Instagram fans by some instant story filmed in the middle of the air? You’ll surely get a lot more followers in just a snap of a finger.

Queen cable car and Sun wheel

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Even though these two names are not categorized as natural gifts, the cutting-edge destinations indeed allow you to capture the natural beauty of the Bay from above.

The Queen cable car connects Bai Chay and Ba Deo Hill with the world’s tallest cable post reaches nearly 190 meters in height. This is why a cable car trip makes it in the top places to admire Halong Bay in its best. Each cabin has a capacity of 230 passengers equipped with crystal-clear glass windows allowing you to observe the breathtaking vista down below.

Apart from the cable car itself, Sun wheel is another phenomenal spot in Halong to snap some shots of the bay up in the air. Halong Sun wheel is recorded to be the largest wheels ever built on Earth. Therefore, you can even opt for some stunning selfies of you and your besties while “rolling” in the sky.

Capturing Halong Bay from the peak of a mountain

As most of you may know, Halong Bay would never be the same without the gigantic limestone mountains scattered throughout the whole Bay. These million-year-old ranges are the favorite destinations to conquer for adventurous souls seeking the best view of the Bay.

If this is what you have in mind, don’t forget to note down these incredible spots when hunting for the best photos in Halong Bay.

Bai Tho Mountain

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This is a magnificent mountain with over 200 meters in height and toweringly lie in the heart of the Bay. Even though the trail leading to the peak is an obstacle yet it’s not something you fail to get over. This path is indeed hidden in the retreat at the back of the native lodges. Hence, don’t hesitate to get some help from the locals living nearby when you get lost in direction. The whole trip takes you around 30 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. Therefore, a photography hunt combined with a trek would be an ideal option if you are a true adventurer.

The view from the peak of Bai Tho Mountain is truly the best reward you can ever get after conquering a painstaking entrance path from the foot to the top. Are you ready to be mesmerized by the oceanic breeze coming from the horizon while taking the best photos of your life?

Don’t forget to grab your besties along since there’s nothing better than overcoming a challenge and enjoying a great award with your best friends.

Ti Top Mountain

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The next big name to lead this chart of where to get the best photos in Halong is Ti Top Mountain. Ti Top is situated right in the middle of the Bay where you can stop by for a visit and some ultimate photo hunting at any time in the year. There are estimated 400 stairs walking you from the beach to the watching tower on the peak. And guess what? You can stop over at any of these stairs to toss your eyesight towards the endless ocean from afar.

A trip to Ti Top is suitable for those seeking utmost tranquility, either for their own good or for their photo concept.

Butterfly Valley

The valley named Butterfly on Cat Ba Island is a limestone paradise on Earth for true adventurous souls who take the hobby of mountain climbing to a new level. Paying a visit to Butterfly Valley does not only give you a chance to explore the pristine landscapes but also introduce you an exotic feast from the woods.

Most of the visitors passing through Butterfly Valley in a part of their trekking tour for a sightseeing of the whole vista at the peak. However, when it comes to where to get the coolest photos in Halong Bay, most people out there forget this iconic name and hence it becomes much of a waste.

If you consider yourself as a true adventurer with photographing blood running inside of you, then don’t hesitate to come over this mesmerizing destination when visiting Halong Bay.

The traditional fishing villages at the back of the Bay

One of the easiest ways to capture the best look of the Bay is to visit a fishing village. The raft houses drift on the surface of the turquoise water down under making it a poetic illustration of a traditional village of Northern Vietnam. That is the reason why it’s a huge mistake if you tend to skip a fishing village during your photo hunting journey.

Cua Van fishing village

get best photos in halong cua van village
This can be regarded as one of the most popular fishing villages in the region. Cua Van hides away from the fierce waves in the ocean. Cua Van leaves you amazed with a chain of raft houses tied to each other and float on the surface of the ocean. Other than that, you will get to join the day in the life of the local fishermen who are ready to bring the beauty of the native laborers to your lens.

Vung Vieng fishing village

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Vung Vieng comes in a lesser area compared to the iconic Cua Van fishing village from above. The whole village contains 50 households with a population of 300 people.

Most of the families follow the fishing life for generations. That is the reason why showcasing the finest beauty of their daily life to visitors passing through is what the locals always love to do.

Apart from the rustic beauty of an Oriental fishing village with a chain of wooden boats docked next to one another, it’s highly recommended to hang out with the children in town and capture the stunning smiles of the kids.

Otherwise, you can choose to embark to a night fishing journey offshore and head back to the mainland when the Sun is rising. This trip allows you to come up with the beauty of laboring in your shots as well as the magical look of the horizon during sunrise.

The magnificent system of limestone caves and mountains

One of the biggest features that bring such a huge reputation to the bay of Halong is the system of caves and limestone mountains. The whole chain creates a glorious border fencing the whole Bay.

Therefore, most of the best tour operators offering day trips to the Bay don’t forget to let their guests explore the mystic caves or hop on a kayaking trip all around the Bay.

Now you have one more pick when it comes to the best place to take photos in Halong Bay. Here are three of the finest caves in Halong that blow a new breeze to your photography concept.

Dau Go Cave

get best photos in halong dau go cave
The cave is located on Dau Go Island and recorded to be the largest cave across the region. Dau Go cave has been existing for roughly 2 million years with a width of 12 meters, while the entrance gate is recorded to reach 17 meters in height.

Get your camera ready when entering the cave since the colorful reflected illumination from the stalagmites down to the ground will surely leave you amazed right at your first steps.

Thien Cung Cave

get best photos in halong thien cung cave
Located 4 kilometers away from the sensational Dau Go Cave is the cave of Thien Cung reaching a magnificent area of 10,000 square meters. Along with Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave is known as one of the must-see spots for anyone visiting Halong Bay for the first time.

A gigantic “forest” of the stalagmite and stalactite evolved through millions of years bring your pictures to a whole new level. The beauty of a cave like this in Halong is a decent choice for nature lovers who want to bring the authentic appearance of the world closer to human eyes.

The untouched beachside in Halong Bay

Ngoc Vung Beach

get best photos in halong ngoc vung
Compared to another beachside in the area, Ngoc Vung is a hidden gem that stays away from the sight of mass tourism. The whole beach lasts for 34 kilometers. This is one of the few spots greatly preserving a pristine appearance featured with emerald water that is barely found elsewhere. Therefore, it’s not a surprise if you happen to witness the magnificent diversity of the animal kingdom under the sea when visiting Ngoc Vung.

Son Hao Beach

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The beach of Son Hao belongs to Quan Lan Island, a part of Bai Tu Long Bay. Quan Lan features a little village in the middle of the island hidden from the sight of tourists. That is why the whole site still preserves the pristine beauty of untouched land.
Therefore, snapping the best shots of such a primitive area is such a big temptation to passionate photography fans. Son Hao Beach is apparently not covered with a modern look compared to the beaches in the area. However, regarding the idyllic scene of an untouched destination, there’s nothing can beat the reputation of Son Hao.

Since Son Hao is a lesser-known destination in Halong Bay, it may be a little challenge for those aspiring a sneak peek of this place. Hence, if this is on your bucket list, don’t forget to get a hand from a local tour guide for the best arrangement.

Those who are looking for the spectacular view of the bay up in the sky, then choose the seaplane. Those who are seeking for a cultural journey, then embark on a journey to the fishing villages at the mountain retreat. No matter what you are finding for, Halong Bay has everything it takes to please and to wow you. All you need to do is to get your camera ready, bookmark this article right away, contact our Halong Bay cruise specialists for instant assistance and let us take care of the rest for you.