According to the latest statistics published by Vietnamese Tourism Ministry, tourists arrivals in Vietnam in the first 9 months of 2017 soared 28.4% compared to the same period the previous year to 7.94 million. Visitors from Australia went up by 16.2% which made the country the eighth biggest tourists market of Vietnam.

Among Vietnam’s attractive destinations, Hoian is the place where not only attracting newcomers but also encouraging many tourists to come back again. “Hoi An is one of the best places I have been to and can’t wait to go back! There are plenty of restaurants with lots of variety, the night markets are great and the people are lovely. It truly is a great place to go and explore, especially as it is so cheap” – said Rachel Nickisson from Perth, Australia.

Hoian once was a prosperous trading port between the 17th and 19th centuries. Today, this little World Heritage – listed ancient town is praised for well-preserved buildings, pedestrianized streets and unique cuisine, allowing visitors a glimpse of its illustrious past. Hoian has proved its charm as it ranked 7th of the World’s Top 15 cities by the Travel & Leisure magazine, listed among the most beautiful and cheapest beach cities in the world by online media outlet Thrillist of the US, and came 13th on the list of top 25 best destinations voted by travellers on Tripadvisor. Also in June 2017, Hoian welcomed the 10th million visitor which is a good news for Hoian’s sustainable development plan and contributes to turning the city into a popular destination in the world.

There are plenty things visitors can do in Hoian. The narrow lanes are ideal for guided walking tours. You could visit the old merchant’s houses with influences from Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architecture; the 400-year-old Japanese Covered Bridge, the Assembly Hall of the Chaozhou Chinese Congregation with outstanding wood carvings. Hoi An’s grid of historic houses is a retail therapy nirvana, jam-packed with galleries, souvenir, craft, clothing and shoe shops, and it can satisfy any shopaholic with more than 400 tailors and rows of shoemakers. Visitors can have shoes and clothes custom made for a lot less than it would cost to buy in stores and amazingly an entire wardrobe can be completed in a day.

Hoian Ancient Town
The historic quarter and its lovely riverside setting are undeniably romantic. Strolling along the Hoai River, you can soak up the historic ambience on a boat ride with the cost of about $3 an hour. The river becomes extra beautiful in the evening when it’s getting dark since all the colorful Vietnamese lanterns turns on and lights up the city and you also can light a candle to put in the water. The lantern festival held on the 14th day of each lunar month is so charming that travellers on TripAdvisor forums state that it is the biggest highlight of the the central coastal town.

With access to fresh produce, farmers’ markets and a long culinary tradition, Hoian is a top spot to learn Vietnamese cooking. Many restaurants in town offer cooking classes, including Morning Glory, which was one of the first cooking schools in Hoi An, and the Red Bridge Cooking School, which is a pleasant river boat ride from the centre of Hoi An. The cooking class is hands on and entertaining. Arrive with an empty stomach and visitors will fill it in no time.

Experience an eco-tour with the local farmers in the rural outskirts of Hoian ancient town. A typical eco-tour starts in the morning with a leisurely bike ride through the countryside, heading to a village around Hoian. Visitors will have chance to learn about the local farming daily life, have a cup of tea with them at the middle of the rice paddle field farm, wear farming clothes and get to know how to grow wet rice with water buffalo plough.

Possessing some beautiful golden sandy beaches makes Hoian a firm Australian travellers’ favorite destination in Vietnam as it has so much to offer. A day trip to nearby islands will offer the opportunity to explore, swim, snorkel and scuba diving. There are dive sites suitable for various levels of diving, include coral gardens, reefs and underwater pinnacles.

Many of our Vietnam tours cover almost all the activities and attractive spots of Hoian as well as of Vietnam. If you fall in love with Hoian and want to travel at your own pace, our Travel Vietnam’s consultants will help you to customize the tours to meet all your needs and interests.