Hoi An culinary

Hoi An is peaceful with ancient roofs, sweet in the early mornings, bustling in crowded afternoons, glowing with lanterns every night. Every moment of Hoi An gives people different new experiences but to be able to enjoy the scenery here, you must try to eat your fill! So let’s follow Focus Asia travel to find out more information about Hoi An culinary!

Hoi An Cuisine –  Breakfast

Hoi An bread

Traveling to Hoi An and greeting a new day with bread is nothing better! But please do not mistakenly think that bread is available everywhere, not only Hoi An. But no, the sandwich here has been commented by the famous BBC correspondent David Farley – who specializes in writing about tourism and cuisine as “the best sandwich in the world “. Oh, just look at the “familiar but strange” bread in Hoi An. Bread is the highlight of Hoi An culinary journey !

With Hoi An bread, the meat is rich, tender, not dry, pate is extremely worky with uncountable ingredients mixing between pork rolls, fragrant ham and homemade butter made from eggs, cooking oil and herbs of all kinds, etc. All together make up one dish that makes a worldwide brand.

Famous bread brands in Hoi An:

  • Queen’s Banh Mi (Ms. Khanh) 115 Tran Cao Van
  • Good Bread 430 Cua Dai
  • Banh Mi 57 Phan Chu Trinh
Hoi An Cuisine - Hoi An Bread

Hoi An bread

Pho Hoi An

Pho is a familiar dish of many people around Vietnam but what is Pho in Hoi An different from in other places?

The first is the eye-catching colors with green herbs, the yellow of peanuts, the red color of beef and the white color of the soft sweet pho fibers.

The second is the irresistible nutty taste of peanuts, sweet Tra Que herbs and melted beef in the mouth. Is that enough to make Hoi An pho attract your eyes?

The brands of delicious Hoi An pho:

  • Pho Lien 25 Le Loi Street
  • Pho Tung 51/7 Phan Chau Trinh Street
Hoi An Cuisine - Hoi An Pho

Pho Hoi An

Strange food in Hoi An

Cao Lau- Vietnamese Vermicelli

At lunch, there is nothing better than enjoying Cao Lau in Hoi An. This special dish is heavily influenced by Chinese merchants and also the cold Udon.

Famous brands of Cao Cao:

  • Ba Be Restaurant
  • Trung Bac Restaurant
  • And restaurants along the streets of Hoi An
Hoi An Cuisine - High Floor Hoi An

Hoi An High Floor

Delicious evening and then walking around at night

Com Ga Pho Hoi

The dish will make you admire the sophistication of Hoi An cuisine. The rice is cooked carefully, the chicken is shredded, the meat is fragrant with onion, scallion, salt and pepper. 

Famous brands of Hoi Hoi Chicken Rice:

  • Ms. Buoi 26 Phan Chau Trinh
  • Mrs. Huong – Kiet (alley) Sica
Hoi An Cuisine - Chicken Rice Hoi An

Hoi Hoi chicken rice

You should enjoy the food here to understand the sophistication and meticulousness of the cuisine as well as the life of Hoi An people. The culinary scene here has contributed a great part in Hoi An tourism.