Sapa Spring- Summer 2021

The changing weather Spring- Summer always gives us a stifling feeling, so where to go to escape from this sweltering heat?

Nothing is more wonderful than traveling to Sapa to avoid the heat in the summer. This is a famous tourist spot. Sapa is 370 km from Hanoi. The climate here is usually cool. It is not hot in summer and in winter, the temperature is low.

Sapa in the summer is the sowing season of the people. From May to July every year, the terraced fields began to turn green.

Sa Pa love market

Sapa Love Market is a unique cultural feature in Lao Cai that attracts both local and foreign tourists. Unlike Khau Vai love market (Ha Giang), Moc Chau (Son La) love market is held once a year. Sapa love market takes place on Saturday evenings.

Love market is a place for people to enjoy cultural activities, exchange goods, as well as strengthen friendship.

Sa Pa love market

Visitors will have the opportunity to witness young men and women in the Northwestern villages coming here to meet. After that, if they have found the right person for them, they will date and get married. Love market is a dating place for couples, culturally and delicately giving love to people.

Love Market is a subculture solely in ethnic highlands.

Street festival in Sapa

The fascinating performances of the artists recreating the unique cultural activities of the community of ethnic minorities in the area such as: Ceremony to welcome the bride of the Dao ethnic group, the festival of the Tay ethnic group, the ceremony Early year land of Giay ethnic group, Hoi khene of Mong ethnic group… brings a special cultural space for streets of Sa Pa during the National Day holiday. Attending the festival, immersing in the busy stream of people, thousands of visitors enjoy the fresh atmosphere, imbued with impressive folk culture.

Street festival

Nearly 200 artisans from 5 communes of Ta Van, Nam Sai, Sa Pa, Thanh Phu, Ban Khoang of Sa Pa district give visitors at the Sa Pa Autumn Festival a very unique street festival program.

Sapa Cloud Festival

Sapa cloud festival is an annual festival on the occasion of 30/04 – 2/5 which is part of the series of opening activities for Sa Pa Culture and Tourism Week. The festival venue is at Ham Rong Mountain Ecotourism Area, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province.

Visitors can enjoy the charming songs of the Dao ethnic group, the sound of khene calling for friends of the Mong ethnic group, the key song of the Tay people, the throwing festival and the Giay ethnic group and the dance that simulates the working life of the Mong ethnic group. Xa Pho people, the dances with bold identity of the ethnic groups from the communes of Ta Phin, Sa Pa, Ta Van, Thanh Phu, Nam Sai and the Ham Rong art troupe perform like the fan dance of the Giay and dance Xa Pho dance, khèn dance, umbrella dance of the Mong ethnic group, drum dance and sword dance of the Tay ethnic group.

Festival on Clouds - Sa Pa

The food is free of charge at Ham Rong Mountain with specialties of each ethnic group. Tourists also witness a number of folk rituals typical of people in the magical mountains of Sa Pa.

In the festival, there are also activities such as photo and art exhibition; food Fair; trade fair; Sa Pa flower fair with many rare and precious flowers.

On May 1, tourists can go to the communes of Ta Phin, Sa Pa, Ban Ho, Ta Van, Thanh Phu, Nam Sai … to participate in the program “one- day farmer” which is really attractive.

Ban Mong Cat Cat Cultural Festival

This is an opportunity to introduce to friends, guests and international tourists the unique cultural, the communication features of the Mong people and the precious heritage that each of us is contributing to promoting and conserve.

Cat Cat Mong Village Cultural Festival

The festival will bring visitors to the folk games that have been around for a long time of the Mong: Throwing pao, hitting swallows, hitting spinning, singing pipes. Furthermore, it helps visitors see the talent of the Mong people from the craftsmanship. Traditional tools: Fabric weaving, Forging and casting agricultural tools; drawing beeswax, dyeing indigo, etc. Especially, the festival will re-enact the custom of pulling wives of the Hmong boys – a “unique” custom that we can probably only see at this festival.

Besides, at the 2021 Summer Festival, there are also other activities: Photo exhibition “Land and Sa Pa people”; Azalea Festival; cultural performances, traditional arts, culinary introduction of ethnic minorities in Sa Pa district, etc.

Some notes when traveling to Sapa in the summer.

Booking the services in advance

If you do not book the summer Sapa tour, as soon as you plan, quickly find out and book the services early.

Bringing cash

In Sapa town there are not many ATMs for you to withdraw money, so remember to bring cash for your travel. Summer in Sapa is crowded with tourists, so ATM often run out of money.

Pay attention to personal belongings

Although Sapa is not a tourist destination that is mentioned with evils such as theft, robbery … but the Tet holiday is a very crowded time of tourists, you will most likely get lost and get the wrong item every time you get on car or get off the train. Therefore, pay more attention to your personal belongings.

Choose a tour rather than self-sufficient

Summer is also the peak time of Sapa tourism with a lot of tourists. Choosing to travel to Sapa in the summer according to tour operators, you do not have to take time to book tickets, train tickets, hotel rooms … or be cut down at resorts travel or eating … In addition to going on a tour, you will have a guide introducing the destination and taking care throughout the journey.

With the above, surely you cannot refuse the opportunity to travel to the dreamland of the Northwest? There are so many interesting festivals and programs to experience and enjoy. Quickly set up a buddy association to go to Sapa this summer!