Travel experience in Silver Waterfall

Discovering the natural beauty endowed with the majestic Northwest mountains is always the first choice for visitors in Sapa. Visiting Sapa – Silver Waterfall – Peak Pass is a challenging place that attracts the attention of tourists who are passionate about adventure. So what’s special here? Let’s find out with Focus Asia Travel !

Interesting points in Silver Falls – Peak Pass

Silver Falls has long been known as one of the most wonderful waterfalls for tourists to Sapa which is 12km west of Sapa town. The waterfall is about 200 meters high and is upstream of the Muong Hoa stream. Coming to Silver Falls, visitors will feel like being lost in the fairy land. The waterfall falls from above, stream water collides with each other and breaks into white bubbles like thousands of flowers blooming in the middle of the immense green forest. Silver Falls gives people a sense of peace when visiting. Despite the strong currents rumble from above, it is quiet and gentle.

Silver Falls – The Peak of the Pass

After the majestic sightseeing journey of nature at this waterfall, visitors can descend at the foot of the waterfall to have fun and enjoy Sapa’s unique and delicious specialties such as wild vegetables, spring fish, fish. anise, wild meat … In addition, visitors can also immerse themselves in the cool and fresh water or sit together and chat with each other under the shade of the trees. Here, it seems that all worries and sorrows seem to disappear.

At the foot of the slope to Thac Bac is a salmon seed production center and this is also the largest research station in Vietnam on cold water fisheries. Visitors can stop by to learn more about delicious and nutritious salmon and enjoy hot pot dishes and grilled dishes made from hot salmon.

Travelling Pass will give you a great experience that you have never had before. The Northwest is famous for its four Great Peaks – one of the tourist attractions in Sapa that attracts tourists. Together with the wild nature, a cool and clear green landscape, near the Silver Falls is the O Quy Ho pass. The way up the pass is very dangerous, one side is a deep abyss, the other side is a steep, craggy cliff. The pass is paved, passing through famous tourist destinations of Sapa such as Ham Rong , Tram Ton.

Silver Falls – The Peak of the Pass

Standing down from above, visitors will be overwhelmed by the breath- taking scenery. Mountains are embraced by clouds, distant valleys weave between mountains and forests. In the early morning, looking down from the top of the pass is a blurry picture with natural beauty hidden behind the mist. In the evening, the sunset is dyed red orange, covering the space. At night it was the image of the moon hanging between the rolling ravines. This will be a great experience for travelers who love to conquer the top of the pass when coming to Sapa .

Road to Thac Bac – the Peak of the Pass

Silver Waterfall is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. It is located right next to the National Highway 4D – the arterial road to Lai Chau, about 12km from the center of Sapa town to the west. Therefore, it only takes about 30 minutes by car, so visitors can reach this interesting tourist destination easily. Going more than 3km, visitors will reach the Peak of the Pass – which has a beautiful view of Mount Fansipan.

Silver Falls – The Peak of the Pass

If you are an adventurous enthusiast and have a desire for conquering the beauty of nature, try to choose a motorbike to visit. Motorbike rental in Sapa town is only from about 100,000 – 150,000 VND / day. Visitors are free to choose their favorite vehicle and start their journey.  The endless pine forests, the rubber gardens cover the hillsides, and the mountains are hidden in the mist. Visitors are advised to bring a camera to be able to freely record these unforgettable scenes.

Comfortable walking in these 2 places, visitors just need to go a few more kilometers to reach other interesting tourist destinations:  Sapa heaven gate with the majesty, O Quy Ho pass, Muong valley or the full- of- color flower garden. All promises to bring an unexpected and exciting journey..

Above is information about Sapa Tourism – Silver Waterfall – Peak Pass compiled by Focus Asia Travel. This place contains many beautiful scenes which are waiting for visitors to explore. What are you waiting for without “carry your backpack and go” right now!. Wish you have a happy and meaningful Sapa trip !