Vietnamese Guides Revealed The Best Egg Coffee in Hanoi

While Ca Phe Sua Da – a traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe with iced cubes and 2 spoons of sweetened condensed milk – can be found every corner in Vietnam, Ca Phe Trung is a special drink of Hanoi. Combined between the sharp taste of coffee and the creamy flavor of egg yolk, Ca Phe Trung draws a lot of fans and becomes something unique of Hanoi. Something you don’t often find on menus anywhere in the world.

Our Vietnam guides who have tried most of the best egg cafes in Hanoi will reveal the places to have the best taste of this drink. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of coffee, I bet you would love it at the first sip.

1. Giang Cafe

39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Hang Bac District

There’s plenty of cafes serving this delectable drink around Hanoi, but look out for the small brown signboard if you want to find the original shop. This 60-year old cafe is full of attractive local flavor that few people could resist. Don’t expect a high-end cafe with comfy chairs and air conditioners. There are low stools and tables where locals and tourists having cups of coffee covered with a yellow aromatic layer. Giang’s Egg Coffee tastes like a dessert more than coffee. You will be in love with it even if you are not a coffee drinker. This is a cup of coffee that you can enjoy any time of the day.

the best egg cafes in Hanoi
Giang Cafe

Hot Tips:

  • If you have some days in Hanoi, I would recommend you to go back every day to try the whole egg mixture drinks apart from Egg Coffee, including Egg Cacao, Egg Rum, and Egg Beer.
  • Stay away the peak morning coffee hours from 8:30 to 10:00 am if you don’t want to fight for a seat. 

2. Cafe Dinh

13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hang Trong District

Good luck if you’ve found this place. The second-floor cafe is a literal hole-in-the-wall overlooking Hoan Kiem lake. You have to walk through a small alley between shops selling backpacks, then step up narrow stairs to find yourself in an old cafe with low wooden chairs, acoustic Vietnamese R&B music, and the tasty sweet foamy egg coffee. It’s fascinating to entertain your lonesome self-watching local coffee goers while having an amusing sip of life. Most of them don’t speak your language but connect with you for one of the most delicious drink in Hanoi.

the best egg cafes in Hanoi
Cafe Dinh Tien Hoang

Hot Tips:

  • If you are fortunate enough, you will have a wonderful view from the balcony seat.
  • Because this cafe is only 100 meters from Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, it’s a great place to wait for your puppet performance. 

3. Cafe Nang

45 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hang Bac District

Cafe Nang is a best-kept secret of Hanoi Old Quarter. This place isn’t recommended by many guides but it can beat any touristy cafe in the city. The recipe passing down 3 generations makes Nang popular among Hanoi’s coffee lovers. Many of the locals come here for traditional coffee but the Egg coffee is also a hit. If you order a hot cup, they’ll serve it with a small flame to keep it hot. The coffee is delicious, the raw egg’s flavor isn’t noticeable when you taste, the ambiance is relaxing, peaceful, and quiet. Nang cafe is perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.

the best egg cafes in Hanoi
Cafe Nang

Hot Tips:

  • Try Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk on the next day. It costs only 20,000 VND (less than 1 dollar) for a good cup of coffee.

4. Cafe Pho Co

9 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District

If you want both good coffee and lovely view, this is definitely the place you shouldn’t miss. Its decoration is a great bonus for anyone who is a social media butterfly. Not mention to the beautiful view to Hoan Kiem lake from its 4th floor, the little red bridge, Mandarin lacquered boards, bird cages, antique crafts, a lazy cat, chickens sitting on the trees, plants, and bamboo growing everywhere: This cafe is a treasure for Instagrammable photos. But on top of that, the egg coffee is truly delicious. Flavorous, smooth, rich, creamy, and frothy, it is everything you’ve imagined your first coffee egg to be like. A taste that you wish you know the secret.

the best egg cafes in Hanoi
Cafe Pho Co

Hot Tips:

  • Turn on your Google maps when you walk on the street because you can easily pass without noticing the cafe.
  • The coconut coffee is as good as the egg coffee.

5. Loading T

8 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District

This is the place that if you know about it, you would want to keep it a secret. This charming cafe locates right in the middle of the Old Quarter, on a 120-year-old French colonial building. Surprisingly, it stays away from the noise and bustle of the surrounding area.

Everything in Loading T is extremely photogenic from comfortable chairs, beautiful flowers, lovely ceramic cups, to lush plants around the steps. Drinks are delicious and fairly priced. The yummy egg coffee is something that you would go back for it the next day in a heartbeat. Although you can always find a mix of locals and tourists hanging out here for a couple of hours, everyone is quiet and respectful to the others. Time seems standstill in the soft slow music background in this romantic cafe.

the best egg cafes in Hanoi
Loading T caffe

Hot Tips:

  • Some people said that Loading T has the best smoothies and juices in the city.

If you are fancy to this unique drink of Hanoi, let our local guides take you to one of these places on our Vietnam tours.

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