Dong Giao Pineapple Hill: A vastly green heaven must see in Ninh Binh

Welcome to Dong Giao Pineapple Hill, where over 3500 hectares of basalt red soil with a green tint to the horizon stand out. Dong Giao’s wild charm has recently made it a favorite check-in venue for young people.

Dong Giao Pineapple Farm (Tam Diep District) is the largest in Ninh Binh city, located about 25 kilometers from the city center. Dong Giao was once just virgin hilly soil. It may have been plantations owned by French colonialists. Following that, 40 Dien Bien officials and troops, along with Huu Vien Reclamation workers, were the first to arrive in Dong Giao to build farms.

Dong Giao Pineapple Farm is now the primary supplier of Dong Giao Doveco Export Foodstuff JSC.

Dong Giao Pineapple Hill spans over 3500 hectares and is in use all year. When standing in either corner, add a vastly different atmosphere under the light. The green color of pineapples is determined by the stage of development: unripe or ripe pineapple. As a result, if you come here at various times, you can have a variety of colorful encounters.

Dong Giao’s tranquil landscapes and harmonious scenery of sky and plants transported us to Da Lat’s lush meadows or European villages.

Dong Giao Pineapple Hill, with scenic landscapes reminiscent of Korean films, has attracted a large number of domestic and international visitors. This fantastic place will help Ninh Binh tourism in the future.