5 Places Worth Exploring On Korea Tour-Land Of Morning Calm

Bordered by Japan, China and Russia; Korea is a pretty and spectacular Asian country. Korea was politically divided into two sovereign states; North and South Korea, in 1978. Set on the Korean Peninsula; the country boasts of unmatched natural beauty, traditions, cultural and its technological innovations and advancements are praiseworthy, all over the World. Other than natural beauty in abundance, its developed cities with skyscrapers, food and shopping arcades and wide array of amusements 5 places worth exploring on Korea Tour-Land Of Morning Calm a pure delight for all avid travellers.

Why is South Korea known as the Land of Morning Calm?

5 Places Worth Exploring On Korea Tour-Land


Back in the day in 1934 AD, the king of Ming Dynasty of China, honoured Korea with the title of ‘chaohsein’- which means morning freshness. This term was very apt due to the picturesque natural beauty and tranquillity of the country. Following the same lines, now Korea, particularly South Korea is regarded as the ‘land of morning calm’ for its eternally pristine beauty and charm. Particularly in the morning, South Korea looks stunning with the spectacular scenery comprising of high mountains, azure sea, verdant forests and valleys. Every morning, one can experience an eternally rejuvenating ambiance and overwhelming serenity all around; which makes the title most appropriate and justified.

1. Namiseom Island

5 Places Worth Exploring On Korea Tour-Land


Locally called Nami Island; Namiseom is a crescent shaped scenic island in the Chuncheon province of South Korea. Surrounded by turquoise blue water and comprising of chestnut tree lined avenues and sun-kissed beaches, Namiseom Island is one of the most pristine and stunning places to see in Korea. Sprawling over 553,560 square yards, Namiseom Island features camping sites and water sports facilities like kayaking and water skiing, theme park and roller-skating rink. As the island is 63 kms from Seoul and takes about an hour to reach, Namiseom is mostly visited by tourists on weekends or on day excursions.

2. Bukhansan National Park

5 Places Worth Exploring On Korea Tour-Land


Comprising of lush forests, Bukhansan National Park is another natural gem of South Korea. Spread over 79.90 sq.km, the park is located in Gyeonggi-do area of Seoul and best known for three might peaks namely Baegundae, Mangyongdae and Insubong. Explore the ancient fort and lush green forests with rich varieties of flora and fauna, indulge in hikes, trekking and camping and make your Seoul visit worth in every sense.

3. Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

5 Places Worth Exploring On Korea Tour-Land


This is a unique geologic formation 5 places worth exploring on Korea Tour-Land, due to a massive volcanic eruption. This tectonic activity, some 5 thousand years ago, had resulted in ascend of a peak from beneath the sea along with a huge crater on top of it. The southeast side of the peak is barren while the northwest flank is verdant with Seongsan Village, at the foothill. Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is famed for its most photogenic sunrise vistas- hence popular as ‘Sunrise Peak. Other than admiring this quintessential view of sunrise, one can also enjoy hikes and horse riding.

4. Jeju Island

5 Places Worth Exploring On Korea Tour-Land

Jeju Island

Ideal for photography and nature trail, Jeju Island is another name in the list of gorgeous places in South Korea. Adorned with breathtaking beauty, white sand beaches and forests, waterfalls and lava caves; Jeju Island is nothing less than a piece of heaven on Earth and counted as one of the hidden gems of South Korea. Enjoy swimming, surfing, jet skiing, hike and nature trails and create wonderful South Korea holiday memories.

5. Upo Marsh

5 Places Worth Exploring On Korea Tour-Land


Perfectly set in Changnyeong county, Upo Marsh is a complex of wetlands. Featuring marshy tracts, salt farms and sun kissed beaches, the place is named after the largest wetland Upo. Located near Nakdong River, the wetland area sprawls over 2.13 sq. km. A paradise for nature lovers, Upo Marsh is perfect for bird watching as numerous migratory birds like white stork, Eurasian spoonbill, white herons, white plumed egrets and Eurasian teal are commonly spotted here.