Everland Park: Korea’s Most Famous Recreation World

Everland is Korea’s largest and most modern amusement park, located in Yongin in Gyeonggi-do province, 1 hour by bus from central Seoul. The predecessor of Everland Park is “Yongin Farm”. The English name Everland means “creativity” (“Ever” means the full of energy and eternity, while “land” means nature). Although the area is only one percent of Walt Disney World Park, Everland is the first largest theme park in Korea and ranked 2nd on the list of 10 popular theme parks. World’s most visitors according to the published listings of The Travelers Zone.

The park is open from 10am to 9pm on weekdays. The fare for adults is 40,000 won (equivalent to 800,000 VND). The ticket price for children is 31,000 won (equivalent to 620,000 VND). The ticket price is quite high, even for Koreans, but players will be able to play all the games in the park. Everland has 1 water park, 5 roller coasters and 5 main sightseeing areas: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, Zoo topia. All have turned Everland into a tourist destination that should not be missed when visiting Korea .

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

The entire large campus of Everland park

Everland Park: Global Fair Area

The Global Fair Sightseeing is lively

The Global Fair Sightseeing is lively

The entrance to the park will lead you to a series of castles in the Global Fair sightseeing area. You can enjoy the live performances and the huge 3D cinema. Pororo 3D adventure offers vivid visuals and performances, making it impressive for both the children and parents.

The remaining space is mainly for food and souvenirs.

Everland Park: American adventure area

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

Legendary Americas Discovery Area

It was like the entire New American territory, recreating American history, starting with the discovery of America, the first lives, Rockville, then the formation and development of civilizations, to the spread of Rock and Roll!

Here you can participate in thrilling and challenging games: Roll X-train, Double Rock Spin, Let’s Twist, Columbus Adventure, Kizcovery, etc.

Everland Park: A magic land area

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

Funny cartoon characters at Everland

It is a place which makes your dreams come true. Magic land built around the fables of Aesop and the village of Aesop, is a fun attraction for children.

You will experience Aesop smart water fun station, meet cartoon characters, participate in racing, … and many more games.

Everland Park: European adventure area

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

The miniature European architecture in Everland

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or a huge piece of luggage, or too much time to explore ancient Europe, as it is all available at Everland ‘s European Adventure .

When you come here, you can easily see the famous Everland game, the T-Express roller coaster nearly 1,641 meters long. The ship was put into operation in April 2008. The train can reach a maximum speed of 104 km / h with a slope of up to 77 degrees, creating a feeling of strength and adventure for the player. The T-Express is the first wooden roller coaster in Asia. It is currently the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, breaking the El Toro record. It is also the world’s ninth fastest roller coaster, 4th tallest, and 6th longest wooden roller coaster.

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

Festival Rose

European Adventure is always full of floral scent with beautiful seasonal flowers such as tulips, roses, chrysanthemums, blooming all year round. “Rose garden” creates a romantic space for visitors.

Especially if you come to Everland park from May 19 to June 16, 2013 you will be able to attend the rose festival with special impressive programs, sparkling colors. “Holland Village” is designed in Dutch architectural style.

Everland Park: Zoo topia

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

Wonderful window of the animal world

Zoo topia is a paradise of animals that bring you joy and wonderful experiences of life. You will have a harmonious human and animal experience through an unforgettable visit to the wild world of animals.

It is a wild Safari world, consisting of a lion, king of the meadows, tigers, king of the jungle, or adorable bears. When you arrive here, you will be able to see the animals at a very close distance, seeming to be able to touch them with your fingers.

It is an Amazon Express, simulating the Amazon rainforest and wary of uncertainties, slowdowns, and rushes of water, making visitors even more excited by sitting on a beautiful flower car.

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

A beautiful flower carriage takes visitors to the Amazon Express

In addition, Everland has a water park comparable to the Caribbean Bay and a large zoo.

Everland Park: Korea's Most Famous Recreation World

The animals attract tourists

With all that Everland Park has brought to visitors, although it is hundreds of times smaller, it is compared with Disneyland in terms of the number of people coming to entertainment, architecture, size and space.