Best Korean shows — 5 best live shows in Seoul & shows in Korea you should not miss

Hello and welcome to another Focus Asia Travel travel experience article. It’s that time of year again, autumn is on its way out, giving way to winter, and the weather is cold with a chill in the air. As a result, dear couples, this is the ideal moment for you to wonder about the bustling metropolis of Seoul hand in hand. Those who haven’t found a mate… Dress in layers, long coats, beanies, hoodies, sweaters, and that-classy sunglasses, go outdoors and picture the pedestrian stroll as Chanel’s newest Fall-Winter season catwalk…I’m sure it’d be just as much fun! (…right?). Regardless of whether you are a couple or a lone traveler, today #KoreanTeam by Focus Asia Travel would like to present you to some of the must-see concerts in Korea. Let’s skip the long introduction and get right to it! So, do you want to watch some of the finest Korean shows? To find out, check out our list of the top 5 greatest live events in Korea and shows in Seoul that you should not miss for an amazing night in Korea!

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Nanta Show, one of the must see shows in Korea | korean shows

the painters hero korea

CHEF Show | shows in korea
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This winter, let’s hang out in Seoul!

Best shows in Seoul: NANTA Show

First of all, you can never miss this exceptionally entertaining show when travelling Korea – NANTA Show. The plot is very simple, about the preparation for a feast by chefs. But never underestimate, the cooking process is still staged elaborately, the combination of many different arts: tumbling, dancing, performing magic tricks and musical instruments. And that’s not all, NANTA Show offers the audience chances to engage in the show by getting on stage. Although the KKday team was never lucky enough to be chosen, watching the hilarious show was still an extraordinary experience, we were all cracked up!

Nanta Show cast
Nanta Show cast

nanta show

nanta show seoul

nanta show
NANTA Show poster | shows in korea
Nanta Show Nanta Cooking Show Bangkok best live shows in bangkok (1)
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Nanta Show (Nanta Cooking Show). One of the best live shows in Bangkok
Nanta Show (Nanta Cooking Show). One of the best live shows in Bangkok


Nanta Show (Nanta Cooking Show). One of the best live shows in Bangkok
| shows in korea


Famous throughout the world cooking show
Famous throughout the world cooking show


Lively Nanta show | shows in korea

If you are already in Seoul, NANTA Show tickets can be booked with Klook at Myeongdong and Hongdae theatres with shockingly cheap prices, 30% cheaper than buying directly from NANTA website.

First-class ticket – Buy directly at Myeongdong or Hongdae: 40,000 Won/ticket ($34.44)
→ Klook’s deal: 26,000 Won/ticket ($22.39) at Myeongdong & 25,869 Won/ticket ($22.27) at Hongdae. Saves up to 14,000 Won ($12.05).

myeongdong korea
Myeongdong theatre


hongdae korea
Hongdae theatre