Green parks to relax in the heart of downtown Hanoi

You will enjoy a gentle walk in the green park when in the center of downtown Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hoa Binh Park

Hoa Binh Park is expected to be an attractive space for many youngsters located on Pham Van Dong Street. The park is very wide and has modern architectural beauty patterns which make it more exceptional. In addition, big grassy banks are ideal for picnics or outdoor events.

Thong Nhat Park

With its cool green room, Thong Nhat is now one of the largest parks in Hanoi and embraces Bay Mau Lake, a popular venue for students and music events. Interestingly enough, the visual structures around the park offer a fantastic environment for your visit.

Thu Le Park

Thu Le Park was established on the 19th of May 1975, and open to the public two years later. The park is planned to incorporate a green park with zoo and entertainment areas in its construction. This 29-hectare area is in fact a great place for a relaxed stroll when surrounded by green grasses, trees, flowers, and plants. Not just that, the zoo has more than 600 animals (more than 100 species), some of which are included in the Vietnam Red Book.

Cau Giay Park

This is why Cau Giay is named Cau Giay. Cau Giay is situated in Thanh Thai Street, the District of Cau Giay. For its young, the park has been chosen as the most desirable green public park because it not only boasts stunning artificial scenery but is also home to renowned city colleges. This fun area makes it more exceptional and attractive beyond any doubt; children will enjoy it while playing outdoor games and adults can take the opportunity to relax and chill out.

Nghia Do Park

Nghia Do Park is a mixture of large play areas, artificial grassland, fitness zone, and playground equipment between two and twelve years old, and lies on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, in the Cau Giay district. You will walk through the park easily, and your kids will be able to have fun on the playground. It is known that late in the afternoon is the perfect time to learn about public living in a public park.

Yen So Park

Yen So park in Hanoi

Yen So Park is next to the Cau Giay Freeway and offers you a beautiful spot for a stroll on over three hundred hectares of land. Naturally, the highlights of a public park are never just a fun stroll. Thus, Yen So attracts many tourists because of its decorations, of the beautiful sculptures that are one of them. For those who want to do something, cycling rental is really what they are looking for. Moreover, the architects have added a boathouse, an art-house museum, an open-air theatre, a culture village, and a labyrinth of the garden to the original one that will surprise you.

Indira Gandhi Park

Indira Gandhi Park – Pleasant Open Space In Hanoi

Indira Gandhi Park is located next to Hoan Kiem Lake, which is known to be an open space for all travelers regardless of whether they are foreign or local. The park used to be a popular site of French Domination where the colonial officials organized gatherings and outdoor concerts. In 1984, this place became a public park and was named after Indian Minister Indira Gandhi, who was a keen supporter of Vietnam. Today it is the site of many thrilling events early in the morning and late evening: “tai chi,” dancing, playing badminton and relaxing.