Aeon Mall Ha Dong


Aeon mall Ha Dong, which opened in 2019, is Hanoi’s second Japanese-style shopping mall. Ha Dong Aeon center, with a gross area of more than 9 hectares, houses more than 200 shops of both foreign and domestic brands. In this shopping center, visitors can find a variety of fashion shops, cosmetics, home products, hotels, cinemas, and movies.

Due to the pandemic conditions, visitors to Ha Dong Aeon mall are asked to wear masks when shopping.


Aeon mall shopping Ha Dong is a quiet and convenient place. In Ha Dong Mall, you can find well-known fashion brands such as Charles & Keith, Aldo, and Pedro, as well as some newer brands in Hanoi such as Kipling and Dune London. Cosmetics, magazines, decor, and eco-friendly items are now on sale and available for purchase.

Food and drink

Visitors to Ha Dong Aeon mall will sample the culinary delights of many countries around the world. Many interested in Vietnamese cuisine should visit the 1st floor to sample the country’s traditional cuisine. Food lovers visit prestigious restaurants such as Vua Cha Ca (specialized in noodles and grilled fish with special dipping sauce), Net Hue (Hue specialties), and Viet street.
There are quite a few to mention for those interested in foreign cuisine. Crystal Jade, a Chinese hotel, Thailand Bangkok Kitchen, Yakimono, a Japanese steakhouse, and an Italian pizza Cowboy’s name is Jack.

Aeon Mall Ha Dong is also a desert paradise with many coffee houses, bakeries, ice cream stores, and bubble tea stalls like Starbucks, Highland, Daisy Queen, Breadtalk, Koi thé, and Yifang.

Other amenities

Aeon has a separate segment for its grocery and store operations. The goods available here are diverse in both type and consistency. The CGV cinema is located on the third floor of the mall. The cinema has high-tech IMAX movie theaters with a 13-meter-wide projection, excellent sound, and motion clarity.

On the third level, there is also an entertainment zone with theme parks such as Tiny Park and Kidzoona for families with little children, as well as a Time Zone with high-speed gaming for young adults. Participating in these games allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for small prizes at the entrance register.

Ha Dong AEON mall also has two big parking facilities, beauty rooms, smoking rooms, and a relaxing area on each floor for the comfort of its guests. Families with children and the elderly will visit the information desk to rent free baby carts and wheelchairs.


Address: Hoang Van Thu resident, Duong Noi Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 10.00 – 22.00

Weekend and holidays: 09.00 – 22.00