Discover pottery making in Gia Thuy, Ninh Binh

Gia Thuy pottery village is situated in Gia Thuy commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, and is a traditional pottery village in operation for more than 50 years just maintaining traditional cultural traditions but also contributing to local economic growth by employing hundreds of people.

To create a finished ceramic product for customers, the worker must go through several phases, each of which plays an important part. Also seemingly basic stages like land preparation necessitate meticulous, professional, observant, and imaginative workers.

Thuy was selected to create pottery because it has a unique clay that is perfect for making pottery. Gia Thuy pottery is made from yellow-brown clay that is only found in small art villages. This form has a high cohesion, smoothness, and heat resistance. When the soil is gathered, it is dried, crushed, and placed in the immersion tank. Then, using the machine, stir the mixture and then strain it through a sieve. Decant the water above, then remove the condensed soil to dry until it is flexible enough to work. Exposing the soil often necessitates caution, as it would be difficult to mold whether it is too dry or too muddy. Therefore, when drying, workers must regularly observe the dryness of the soil.

After cooling, the dirt will be taken into the plant to produce more puree, making more glue and a smoother mold. The soil has turned itself into shape, into bricks, has a pleasing outline, and conceals the soul of the Gia Thuy craftsman thanks to the skillful hands of a professional worker. Depending on the object, the worker will shape the soil in various patterns. To make pots, staff usually mold the soil into long and circular fibers that can be easily placed on the turntable. It is also important to maintain the firewood in the kiln. The firing method is critical in producing a beautiful and high-quality commodity.

If during the firing process, the worker does not adjust the fire, adjust the temperature appropriately, the product will curve, warp or crack…

Gia Thuy pottery artists know how to make pottery items that not only support everyday life but also respect our nation’s distinctive cultural traditions, having inherited the quintessence of visual arts and cultural characteristics of the soil. Gia Thuy pottery is still standing and rising after several years of ups and downs. Products are consumed in the United States and shipped to other nations.