Trekking the top of Langbiang Mountain

LangBiang Peak is a familiar destination in Da Lat. However, have you ever conquered LangBiang Peak by walking? Trekking at the top of Langbiang Mountain is currently quite hot, attracting a lot of young people.

Trekking the top of Mount Langbiang

If you are passionate about exploring travel and trekking, you should not ignore LangBiang. The cool weather in Dalat is suitable for such activities. The highest peak of LangBiang is 2,167m high. Here, you can see the panoramic view of Lac Duong town and Dalat city.

When should we conquer Langbiang?

The most ideal time to travel to Dalat in general and Langbiang mountain in particular is in spring – the season of beautiful Mai Anh Dao flower buds, or you can also travel in the period from November to the end of the year because this time in our country is a dry season with little rain, so it is suitable for climbing excursions.

conquer the top of Langbiang

Starting the journey to climb Langbiang in the early morning is the most ideal. You will be active in your time and less tiring. Thanks to the early departure, you will have plenty of time to visit when you reach the top of the mountain or avoid rushing down, before sunset because there is not enough time.

What to prepare when climbing Langbiang?

Health is the first condition you need to prepare if you want to conquer Langbiang Peak. Climbing is a very good form of exercise but also requires quite high physical requirements, especially in the case of sunny weather.

In addition, you should prepare your carry-on luggage neatly, bring only the basic essentials.

Trekking the top of Mount Langbiang

Some notes when trekking LangBiang mountain peak

To make your trip to LangBiang more complete and safe, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Learn carefully about the top of Langbiang mountain through topographic maps, get acquainted and learn how to view the map and how to determine the direction. This is very useful for you to climb the trail.
  • Traveling in groups, and under the guidance of experienced people. You can avoid getting lost and get timely support when problems arise.
  • Prepare some essential life skills such as jungle, seeking support, adjusting breathing rhythm, giving first aid to some common injuries such as cramps, … to respond promptly to situations that occur.

Trekking at the top of Langbiang Mountain has many interesting things waiting for you, and wish you a happy and safe trip.