The natural beauty of Da Lat city

The natural beauty of Da Lat city

Not only Da Lat people love the nature here but also everybody who ever set foot on Da Lat city interested in too; because it have wonderful possibility which give to people happiness, health and the life love. Da Lat is higher than sea surface about 1.500 m; even though this city located on the hot Southeast Asia tropical regions, the weather here is cool all year round.

The topography of Da Lat is abundant with hill, spring, waterfall…which are mixed together to create a charming natural scenery.  The color here is green all seasons, the green of pine trees and plants mingle together with many kinds of colorful flower. Therefore, the nature in Da Lat is so special; it is tranquil, sweet, impressive and poetic.

Firstly, each landscape has the different attractive view; they are so beautiful already but seemly more charming under the impact of people. Standing in front of Prenn waterfall, visitors feel comfortable and excited…Dantala waterfall has different beauty; it is long stream, water flow down from the high point, making the white suds and flow into the stones…Cam Ly water fall is smoother than Dantala one; the water flow around the marble stone like a dragon which curve in the rainy season. “Tiger Cave” waterfall (Hang Cop waterfall) brings to the tourists boundless feeling of a wild ecological regions; this waterfall located inside the large pine tree forest with cold water steam same as the dew.

There are many lakes in Da Lat city for example the pure “Tuyen Lam” lake on the hills, “Xuan Huong” one is in the city center; the surface of this lake like a mirror; it’s most beautiful in the spring afternoons with peach blossoms, “Than Tho” lake in the east of city, “Da Thien” lake in the northwest of city where is large, pure and placid with shadow of thousands of pine trees…

The hills and valleys are harmonious together. Da Lat is the system of hill and valley where are connect continuously.  There are many place where still keep the primitive of nature such as Cam Ly and Da Thien, especially Da Thien with wonderful “Love Valley”.

Another natural beauty of Da Lat is the different appearance of different seasons in year. In the rainy season, flowers and trees are so brilliant with many colors; and in the dry season, sky is very blue. On the Christmas morning, the dew covers all over the hills with villas. In addition, Da Lat city appears with many colors in the sunrise.

The nature in Da Lat is clearly plentiful of potentiality; bring to visitors pleasant and peaceful feeling whenever survey the impressive landscapes as well as quite space here.