Overwhelm by the lyrical beauty of the Dalat pine forest

Dalat is the land of love that you should come here once in your life. Besides the fresh air and the tranquility of Xuan Huong Lake, the lush beauty of the pine forest also contributes to a very unique feature, making Da Lat more attractive.

the enchanting beauty of the pine forest

The ghostly beauty of Da Lat pine forest

Green pine forest has long been a symbol of Da Lat city. Wherever you go, you will easily see the image of strong and graceful pine trees. No one knows the origin of this tree.

the enchanting beauty of the pine forest

Not only possessing a unique beauty but the pine forest is also a green lung, keeping the city fresh despite the abysmal traffic. This is the main attraction of this beautiful city.

Here are some of the forests in Da Lat:

1. Pine forest on Khoi Nghia Bac Son street

The pine forest on Khoi Nghia Bac Son Street is one of the famous beautiful pine forests that you definitely cannot miss out. In the afternoon, when sunset falls, the pine forest is strangely beautiful with the golden light from the shining sunlight combined with the green color of the pine to create an extremely poetic scene. In particular, a few houses have just lit up a light, touching the hearts every people.

Early dawn on the pine forest

Moving to Khoi Nghia Bac Son pine forest is quite simple, from the city center night market going along Tran Quoc Toan then go to Ho Tung Mau street. It only takes about 20 minutes. The road is smooth, not steep and very safe.

2. The road beside Prenn Pass

Beside Prenn pass, there is a beautiful pine forest that is famous for many tourists. The terrain is not too bumpy, not too flat, so you need to hold the steering wheel firmly and only move at slow speeds. The pine forest possess thin trees so you can see the sky above. Don’t worry about gloom.

conquer prenn pass

3. Pine forest near Than Tho lake

This pine forest is not as large as other pine forests, but the magic level is not inferior. This is a wonderful virtual living mecca that you should not miss out.

the enchanting beauty of the pine forest

The pine forest is 7km from the city center. The road is gentle and easy to go. 

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