Pusilung mountain trekking

Lai Chau has always been a land famous for its green space, with wild and majestic mountains. Therefore, this place always attracts a lot of tourists who love to explore. Let’s join vietrekking to conquer the top of this mountain.

Where is Pusilung?

Pusilung mountain is located in Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Ta district, Lai Chau province, with an altitude of 3,078m. Phu Si Lung mountain is always an ideal destination for youngsters.

It can be said that Pusilung possesses a wild and charming characteristic of the Northwest mountainous nature and the remote mountainous region.

So, coming to one of the 10 highest mountain peaks in Vietnam you can not only enjoy the cool air, but also the grandeur of the mountain that defends the frontier, the beauty of the Northwest.

You can come here in any season because Pusilung has a unique beauty in every season. However, you should avoid going in rainy times because of the slippery road.

Directions to Pusilung Lai Chau

It takes more than 10 hours to move from Hanoi, so you should take a bus to Lai Chau

In Lai Chau, you can take a bus or rent a motorbike to come to Pa Ve Su. It takes about 150km more, the road is quite difficult to go, so you also need to be careful. Here you can park your car and start your journey to conquer Mount Pusilung Lai Chau.

What to prepare when climbing Mount Pusilung

The luggage plays a very important role in the success of your trip. If you choose to travel by yourself, please bring:

+ Papers, money: In addition to the identity papers and money you need to prepare, you also need to get permission from Lai Chau Border Guard Headquarters to ensure safety. After applying, the paper will be reported at the border post of Pa Ve Su commune. Then, you can start your journey.

+ Specialized backpack: Especially for trekking trips, specialized backpacks for climbing with moderate softness. 

+ Shoes: A climbing shoe has a good grip which increases the friction of the foot and road surface, making your climbing process a lot easier. And one thing to note is that when choosing climbing shoes, you should only choose a size that fits your feet (not tight) because it will cause your foot pain which is very difficult to move.

Food, tents, and clothing

+ Food: You should prepare yourself with enough water and food (3- liter waterper person for the trip) 

+ Tents, sleeping bags: It will help you get a good night’s sleep and more assured.

+ Clothes: When climbing, you should bring comfortable clothes. In particular, the higher the location, the lower the temperature, so no matter what season you go, don’t forget to bring warm clothes and heat-keeping suits.