Ngu Chi Son- Trekking tour

Ngu Chi Son is known as the most beautiful mountain in the Northwest. It is a favorite destination for mountain climbing adventure enthusiasts. Focus Asia Travel would like to share the experience of Ngu Chi Son trekking!

Geographical location

Ngu Chi Son mountain top belongs to Hoang Lien Son range, borders between Son Binh commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province and Ta Giang commune, Sapa district. Ngu Chi Son has 5 main mountains, lying vertically pointing up to the sky, looking like 5 fingers, so the mountain is called Ngu Chi Son.

Ngu Chi Son has an altitude of 2,850m above sea level and is covered with cloud all year round. You can climb in 2 directions:

From Chu Va – Son Binh – Tam Duong – Lai Chau (This road will pass through Chu Va waterfall very high and beautiful)
From Thau Stream – Ta Giang Phinh – Sapa – Lao Cai.

Trekking Marble Mountains

The first stage is quite leisurely when you just go along the streams, through the buffalo lagoon. Standing and looking up at the top of the mountain looks extremely majestic.

In addition, on the way, you will also see cows sprawled around. Many people do not notice will be bitten.

Squeezing is usually concentrated in trail areas, with many people passing through, in tree holes. Especially after the heavy rain, it often rains a lot, so when you are climbing, someone who is too tired, do not sit on the ground to rest. Before sitting to sleep, ask the porter if this seat can sit, or if the seat is squeezed or not.

Overcoming mountains

The way to the top is only steep. The more you move up, the more difficult it becomes. Many climbing paths do not have support beyond a few tree roots to cling to.

Despite it is a bit tired, the scenery that appears before your eyes in every section is the canopy of forests, majestic mountains, misting mist.

Starting at 2,600m, you will begin to conquer the most difficult road. It requires the climber to be very attentive and cautious in every action and step. There are 3 difficult passages synonymous with danger that you must overcome. Those are steep cliffs. Those who paved the way for this trek they built ladders made of wooden trees. But very sparingly close to the cliff. This time requires the climber to be very careful. Absolutely not climb out of the cliff, but only climb to the edge as the porter said.

Some notes when conquering Ngu Chi Son

Climbing Ngu Chi Son mountain during the day is not too difficult if the weather is favorable. So you need to grasp the weather before trekking. It is best to contact the porter in that area, ask if the weather is okay because they are native and experienced.

Ngu Chi Son is a mountain that is mostly steep, with a lot of small rocks that hurt your feet, so you need to choose shoes with good soles. You can put extra padding on the sole to provide relief from foot pain.

If you climb during the day you do not need to bring too many things, just bring enough water to drink and snacks to prevent hunger.