Conquering Ta Lien Son- a wild northwestern mountain

Ta Lien Son is a mountain that attracts trekking lovers not only because of its 2,996m- height but also its wild features. Ta Lien mountain climbing journey is an interesting one. When you come to this land, you will feel like being lost in a completely new and unique world.

About Ta Lien Son mountain

This mountain is also known by a more unique name, Co Trau Mountain. This is a high mountain top in Ta Leng commune – Tam Duong district of Lai Chau province. Although only about 10km from the province center, Ta Leng is one of the most difficult mountainous communes of this district. Residents living in this area include 3 ethnic groups, namely Kinh, Dao and Mong.

The reason why the name Co Trau was born is because when standing in the village, looking up at the top of the mountain, there exists an indescribable pride of the buffalo- The species always lives in primitive forests. That is enough to describe the mysterious and majestic beauty this mountain brings.

Step into the garden of Eden – a fairytale forest of humanity

Ta Lien Son Peak is a primeval forest located in the ecosystem of the Hoang Lien Son range, so everything around you becomes magical. The immense ancient trees cover the whole green forest. Nobody knows when they appeared. Branches and trunks kept reaching out, extending their arms to embrace the whole forest.

Every year around May and June, you can see a green space with long wide canopy covers everywhere. Through the period of September – October, the forest gently transforms with the vibrant red color of the maple tree foliage. Sometimes you will have a chance to see the pristine whiteness of camellia and the romantic pink of azaleas.

The garden of the clouds

When you come to Ta Lien Son, you also have the opportunity to admire the floating clouds. The best time to watch the clouds is the autumn. (September – October). When standing on the top of a mountain with a height of nearly 3000m, this is the most wonderful and enjoyable experience that you should definitely not miss out