Important Notes When Traveling to South Korea

South Korea At A Glance

South Korea can seem a mystery at first glance. It’s a land of stark contrasts and wild contradictions; a place skyscrapers loom over ancient temples; and where the excited pace of life is offset by the serenity of nature. The country’s unique customs and etiquette can seem like a trap laid for foreigners. But if you arrive with a smile and a respectful attitude, they will welcome you with open arms. However, visitors still need to understand some important notes when traveling to South Korea, and Focus Asia Travel is here to help!

Koreans are fiercely proud of their country and with good reasons. The Korean peninsula has a storied history and this colorful heritage is woven into the fabric of this land. The capital, Seoul, is home to a number of historic highlights, including the spectacular Joseon-era Gyeongbokgung Palace, “the great south gate” of Namdaemun, and the eerie Seodaemun Prison. In addition, there are many giant shopping centers, world-class restaurants, and hipster bars. Visitors will enjoy the grassy burial mounds of ancient kings in Gyeongju and the Seokbulsa Temple in Busan. You cannot miss the infamous demilitarised zone, a biodiverse no-man’s-land separating South and North Korea. It is a scary place, where acres of barbed wire are patrolled by heavily-armed guards on both sides. But at the same time, the tension is so trumped up it feels like you’ve stumbled onto a Hollywood film set.

But it’s not all about history. When it comes to nature, South Korea is wonderfully diverse, with spectacular national parks, remote sandy beaches, hot spring islands and rugged mountain peaks. Korean food is wonderful too, but you may have to open your mind before your mouth. Some local specialties include “kimchi” (pickled cabbage) and “makgeolli” (rice wine).

South Korea can sometimes seem like the most foreign place on Earth. For many outsiders, it’s an unfathomable destination of curious customs, strange food and jarring paradoxes. Ultimately, that’s what makes it so exciting to travel to South Korea. Below are some important notes when traveling to South Korea that you should know beforehand!


Some Important Notes When Traveling To South Korea

When traveling to Korea, or other countries that have different culture or habit with your own hometown, you need to learn things beforehand. Here are some important notes when traveling to South Korea.

  • Time Zone: Korea belongs to the GMT +9, which means 2 hours ahead of Vietnam.
  • Flight Duration: The time length flight to Seoul from Ho Chi Minh City is approximately 05h15m, from Hanoi is approximately 04h15m, and from Da Nang is approximately 04h45m. This can be different depending on airlines.
  • Currency: The Korea currency is Won (KRW). 1 KRW is about 0.89 USD, depend on the exchange rate in each stage.
  • Electricity: The electricity in Korea is 220V, the sockets are as follow:
  • The average degree in Seoul from January to December

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