Hanoi spring season — Charming photos of Hanoi in “Sua flower” season

Nature has given Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, various highlighted flowers that are only visible during specific months.

Photo: Giang Trinh.

In March, flowers of dalbergia tonkinensis (Hoa sa) blanket Hanoi in pristine white. The plant produces flowers in clusters with a large number of blossoms.

Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn

Travelers notice that trees are covered with white blossoms as they go through the streets. Sua flower season is here. In March, streets are decorated with white sua flowers, and it is also the nesting season for birds.

Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn

Sua is like the fluffy, white cotton clouds that blanket the sky. They only bloom once a year for a short period of time, generally two weeks, and then fade, therefore each year when they bloom, the youth of Hanoi flock to these locations, particularly Hoang Dieu Street, to pose with the beauty of these flowers. If you take a tour of Hanoi in late February or early March of the lunar calendar, you will witness the city gleaming with the pure white hue of Hoa sữa

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Photo: giolanh0509.blogspot.com

The flower is lovely, but it only blooms for a brief period. When you wake up in the early morning, you will notice a white tint engulfing the sky, as if it were an unexpected gift. However, the flowers will go with the breeze, making way for green leaves.

Photo: tin247.com
Photo: tin247.com

The pristine white hue contrasts well with the vibrant green color of several types of delicate leaves. They provide a beautiful image for us to enjoy. Wouldn’t you think you live in a paradise if you looked at Mother Nature’s masterpiece?

Photo: laodong.com.vn
Photo: laodong.com.vn

The “sua” flowers in Hanoi generally bloom in early March, when the weather begins to warm. Subtle white petals serve as a symbol of the transition from spring to summer.

“Sua” flowers bloom fast and are likewise fleeting. The luxuriant foliage is often replaced by a white hue backdrop of the bloom after only a few days. Because of the “easily come, easy go” feature of “sua” flowers, “sua” flower enthusiasts enlist these days to appreciate the beauty of flowers and snap unforgettable photographs.

Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn
Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn

In Hanoi, “Sa” flower trees grow around the streets, but the most attractive white flower clusters can be seen on Youth Road, West Lake, Giang Vo Lake, and Dinh Tien Hoang Street… The white pendulous flowers by the roadways transform Hanoi into a more gorgeous and charming place than ever before.

A white “sưa” flower tree blooms by the West lake ( Hồ Tây)
A white “sưa” flower tree blooms by the West lake ( Hồ Tây). Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn
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White “sưa” flowers bloom around Lenin monument. Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn


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The fine white color of “sưa” flower clusters highlight the green background of young cloves and brighten a corner of the sky. Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn


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Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn

Tiny “sưa flower stems are decumbent in Giang Vo Lake. Many young people have enlisted to save these spectacular moments.

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Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn

Many people take pictures with “sưa” flowers tree to save their happy moments.

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Photo: Infonet.vn

Fine white flower clusters look like watching footsteps of people walking on the street.

ha noi beautiful white flowers dulich.dantri.com.vn
Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn

Not brilliant as flamboyant, not aromatic like milk flowers but fragile and fine, “sưa” flowers are still loved by so many people.

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Photo: hoahong.ycn.vn

The beauty of “sưa” flowers has been likened as the cherry blossom of the tropical region .
White petals on the streets have created a distinctive look for Hanoi in March.