Exploring Jungle Beach Nha Trang — A secret heaven of Vietnam

It is not exact when considering Jungle Beach as a resort, or homestay, even a hotel. Those who first come here will surely surprise by the stunning view that Jungle Beach owns.

jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc-vietnam travel guides
Jungle Beach is located in the deserted Hon Heo peninsula. Photo: Zeno.
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The white sand and blue sea. Photo: Jungle Beach.

Despite being approximately 60 kilometers from Nha Trang, Jungle Beach is entirely isolated from the city’s noise, rush, and activity. Jungle Beach, located in Hon Heo peninsula, Ninh Phuoc Hamlet, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province, is a perfect balance of forest and sea.

If you need a quiet moment, a private space, a place where no one knows who you are or you want to go to a deserted island, the Jungle Beach is a great choice that you should try.

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Photo: Zeno.

Jungle Beach is a very peaceful and secluded location. The guestrooms accessible to tourists staying here are unique and environmentally friendly. On days when there are less guests, you can select the largest and most attractive room.

However, don’t anticipate contemporary conveniences like air conditioning, since there is only a fan and you will have to sleep on beds with mosquito nets.

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The cottages at Jungle Beach. Photo: Zeno.
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Or you can experience the feeling of sleeping among the trees like this. Photo: Zeno.

Furthermore, some rooms will lack a separate bathroom, forcing you to share with others. Another option is to choose rooms with a garret so that you may sightsee, snap photographs, and avoid being in humid conditions.

A night spent resting on the high floor, there is nothing but a calm area and the sound of the ocean wave to put you to sleep pleasantly.

A night at Jungle Beach has featured three major meals: breakfast at 7 a.m., lunch at 12:30 p.m., and supper at 6:30 p.m. As a result, you no longer need to be concerned about where to eat.

When it is time to dine, the staff will notify all rooms, and all tourists staying here will meet at the main house and eat together.

jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc-travel destinations
Visitors who come here are mostly foreigners. Photo: Zeno.

Because the majority of visitors here are foreigners, mealtimes will feel quite intriguing, as if you were attending a “United Nations conference” with all types of various languages.

There are no such meals as at a restaurant, or any specialty at all, but rather common Vietnamese foods presented in the Vietnamese way. However, the meal is prepared to appeal to the tastes of foreigners, so it will be a little light. If you are Vietnamese, you will receive an additional cup of sliced chili fish sauce, a delicious speciality of Khanh Hoa region.

Grilled pork skewer. Photo: Zeno.

The fried fish salad of Jungle Beach is a simple dish but indescribably delicious.

The fried fish is sliced thinly, mixed with onions and laksa leaves. Grilled eggplant onion over charcoal has an aroma , the more you eat this fatty food, the more you addict in.

In your breakfast, you can choose between noodles, bread with eggs, bread with butter and jam, or a plate of fruit. Besides, Jungle Beach serves free lemonade all day and night, you can go to the main house to drink.

Coming to Jungle Beach, do not miss swimming because this place owns a long private beach and this beach is stunning, especially in the summer. Not to mention this is a paradise for those who can not swim because the beach is very safe, children are also very safe when swimming here.

jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc-beach attractions
The clean and deserted beaches. Photo: Zeno.
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The beautiful beach. Photo: Zeno.

You also do not miss sunbathing on long wooden chairs made by the owner of Jungle Beach.

jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc-beach attractions 3
You can sprawl on the white sand. Photo: Philip John Deans.


jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc-beach attractions 4
Or on wooden benches like this. Photo: Zeno.
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Photo: Zeno.

Sunbathing then certainly you should take photos here because of the beauty of nature that can not be ignored: white sand, blue sea. Especially, you can comfortably change your posture when taking photos without “being bothered“.

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Coming here, you must take check in photos . Photo: Zeno.
Photo: emmspavor.

For those who are passionate about sports, you can choose to play beach volleyball or soccer. Also, in the big waves days, foreigners are very excited to be skiing.

And for those who are love adventure, then take a walk to the top of Hon Heo. You will find a beautiful lake, green water poured from the fall. You will spoil yourself and swim because the water flows very light.

A little higher in height is the appropriate altitude for you to test yourself with thrilling games when leaping from the top of the waterfall into the pool. On your journey down the mountain, you’ll pass another lake, which you may enjoy before returning to Jungle Beach.

You should not go too late, especially after 3 p.m., because the trip up and down takes so long, and living in the forest in the dark is dangerous.

Every night at Jungle Beach, a campfire is lit off the shore, and people come to speak and get to know one another.

If you have a large gathering, you may bring food, which the chef here will process and keep in the refrigerator. In the evening, bring the food to build a barbeque outside, along with a few bottles of beer to consume. Nothing could be more amazing.

jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc-music destinations
The music at Jungle Beach is always amazing. Photo: Zeno.


Regardless of the day or night. Photo: Zeno.


jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc campfire
Campfire every night. Photo: Zeno.

Because of the beautiful sky and calm water, June is the perfect month to visit Jungle Beach. You may witness water fireflies blazing along the beach or a starry sky at night. In the morning, I like watching the dawn and the black-shanked douc leave the nest to forage. These unique experiences are exclusively available at Jungle Beach.

Most visitors here are the artists such as architects, singers, musicians, painters, fashion designers, graphic designers, photographers … and all people are very open to sharing, then it will be the home for the artists.

jungle-beach-ninh-phuoc peace
Enjoy the peace in Jungle Beach. Photo: Zeno.

What else, then let’s discover by yourself!

Further Information

  • Address: Ninh Phuoc Hamlet, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province.
  • Prices: 250.000-850.000 VND / night. (equivalent to about 12.5 USD – 42.5 USD)
  • Telephone: 0913 429144 / 0583 622384

Things to do in Jungle Beach nha trang Vietnam

Things to do in Jungle Beach nha trang Vietnam

Relax in a hammock
There are hammocks at all rooms and some on the beach. We also have shade houses, shaded chairs and sun loungers on the beach.

Volleyball, Soccer, Frisbee and Pingpong are on at all times!

Things to do in Jungle Beach nha trang Vietnam

Bicycles & Motorcycles
We provide free bicycles and motorbikes for rent, which you may use to travel along the 12km beachfront road that runs behind Jungle Beach. It has breathtaking vistas and a charming tiny fishing village at the finish where you can get delicious coffee and cool beer!
There are also the famed Salt Fields, which are located 25 kilometers away on narrow rural roads.

Things to do in Jungle Beach nha trang Vietnam

Coastal & mountain adventure

Snorkeling is possible at the beach’s end and along the peninsula. There are several empty beaches and rock outcroppings to explore! Beautiful winter-occurring waterfalls with several cascades as you climb the mountain are just a short walk from Jungle Beach. There is also a route that leads up the mountain that provides excellent photo possibilities.

We’ll show you the way, and you can go play! You can also have a guide lead you at times.

Things to do in Jungle Beach nha trang Vietnam

Nighttime on the beach
They have a cozy bonfire and you can swim with the glowing phosphorous (spring to fall, depending on weather conditions).

*They also have a portable music box to play our music or your music anytime in the common areas.

How to get to Jungle beach Vietnam

Jungle Beach is 60 kilometers north of Nha Trang by car. It appears to be near the town of Ninh Hoa. If you look at the map below and click the minus (–) button once (or twice), you’ll notice Ninh Hoa to the west (and Nha Trang to the south), and a route to the peninsular that leads to Ninh Phuoc. This route leads directly to Jungle Beach (near the green).

The beach was formerly a lonely outpost on Ka Ga Cape & Dam Nha Phu Bay. Some Canadian guy named Jungle Beach Resort decided to offer a dinner/bed/breakfast/lunch option.

Things to do in Jungle Beach nha trang Vietnam

Directions – Getting There

From Nha Trang, take Pacific Coastal Highway 1 north toward Ninh Ha Village. Once in Ninh Hoa, stay straight and take the right road when it splits. The route passes a large sign pointing to a shipyard where Hyundai is refitting ocean-going tankers. Turn right at the sign and continue down the long stretch. After passing past the huge ship, go around the right side of the shipyard into a tiny fishing town. Make a right turn at the dead-end of a three-way junction in front of the village market and go to the end of the road. At the end of the road, on the left, lies Jungle Beach.

If you’re on a tourist bus from Hoi An, get out at the Doc Let stop and ask motorbike drivers to take you to Jungle Beach for around VND 50,000 each bike, or $3.50 US dollars. The motorbike will transport you to Jungle Beach in about 30 minutes. Jungle Beach can also arrange for a van to take you and your family up from Doc Let or Ninh Hoa for VND 200,000. To make arrangements in advance, call Silvio at Jungle Beach (058) 622.384.

If you arrive by plane or train, Jungle Beach can provide transportation from Nha Trang Airport at extremely cheap rates. Cars and minivans will drive you here from Nha Trang city for about 280,000 to 350 000 VND depending on the number of persons and the vehicle type. Motorcycle riders will pay between 100,000 and 150,000 VND.