Dot Temple in Ninh Binh

Dot temple, also known as Trinh temple, is a relic site in the eco-tourism area of Trang An. This is where the two generals of the Court, Nhi Thanh Thanh, Ta Thanh Tru, and Huu Thanh Tru, are worshiped.

As the imperial court was attacked, Do Thich killed King Dinh Tien Hoang and his eldest son Dinh Lien, and the two men took the young princess Dinh Toan (age 6) to escape with the officials in the court to apprehend Do Thich.

As Empress Duong Van Nga turned over the mantle of the cloak to Shogun General Le Hoan, the two men refused to surrender and were so delighted in this region that they constructed a temple on the side of a mountain to worship them.

Trinh Temple, located at the foot of the mountain, was built about a thousand years ago. After many floods, fog, and sunlight, as well as the passage of history and time, the temple has been rebuilt and repaired more spaciously and beautifully.

In 2010, the locals erected an architectural monk worshiping the Dinh Dynasty’s “Four Foundations of the Court.” The temple, which included two towers, was constructed to the southeast of Phu.