Discover Beautiful Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival is a traditional culture of the country of cherry blossoms. This festival takes place from late March to early April. During this time, everyone have fun, organize parties, drink together, sing and take photos under the cherry blossoms blooming with pink, purple roses all over the street. The scene, just looking at it makes me fall in love.

Discover Beautiful Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

Photo: People walking around to see the cherry blossoms

The meaning of the Hanami cherry blossom festival

The Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every year in Japan from March to early April. The flowers bloom early in warmer southern regions like Okinawa Island. Hanami (花 見) is a compound word between “Hana (花)” and “Mi (見)”, in which “Hana” means flower (cherry blossom or plum blossom), “Mi” means watching.

It is a custom of enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms, congratulating each other and feelling the spring atmosphere of the Japanese. This festival has a long history thousands of years, and is considered as the national holiday of Japan. Furthermore, it is an indispensable beauty in Japanese culture . Cherry blossoms are the national flower of the country of the rising sun, symbolizing purity, fragility and purity.

Discover Beautiful Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

Photo: Pink cherry blossoms

Customs of playing and viewing flowers during Hanami cherry blossom festival

It was formed in the Nara period starting from the fact that a number of gods carrying blooming flowers to the Emperor on the occasion of early spring. But it was not until the early 17th century of the Edo period that cherry blossoms were grown in popularity in the parks forming Satora kura – the cherry blossom village, where cherry blossom festivals often take place to this day.

When spring comes, cherry blossoms bloom all over Japan and flower viewing festivals take place everywhere, especially in big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama …

Discover Beautiful Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

Photo: The cherry blossom tree at Yasukuni Shrine

What will Japanese people celebrate during the hanami cherry blossom festival?

Discover Beautiful Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

Photo: Families camping in the park under a canopy of flowers

Cherry blossoms are one of species of flowers that rapidly bloom. They bloom for about 10 days to 2 weeks. Depending on the weather and climate of each region, cherry blossoms bloom at different times. It is warmer in the south of Japan, so flowers bloom in January while flowers in the North bloom in May. That’s the reason why flower lovers can travel from South to North to enjoy the flowers as well as enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Discover Beautiful Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan

Photo: People eat at the festival at night

At Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival , you can easily see the image of Japanese girls in traditional kimono, people often gather under the blooming cherry trees, watching the flowers or drinking wine. They enjoy traditional dishes such as sushi, bento boxes, drinking sake or “Hanamizake” (a combination of two words: Hanami and sake). The most popular flower viewing spots are Ueno Park (Tokyo), Okinawa Island, Lake Kawaguchiko shores overlooking Mount Fuji or Philosopher’s Road (entrance to Silver Ginkakuji Temple) in Kyoto.

Currently, the Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival is not only held in Japan, but also takes place in many parts of the world such as Vietnam, America, Australia, … This is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy that beauty. The purity of the cherry blossoms is also an opportunity for Japan to promote their cultural beauty.

Everywhere, you can see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom, shining in the sky. In the cold weather, each wind blew through the wind, making many cherry blossoms fluttering in the wind, creating a mesmerizing beauty.