Cúc Phương named “Asia’s Leading National Park” for fifth year in a row

Cúc Phương National Park, a famous tourist destination in northern Việt Nam, has once again been named “Asia’s Leading National Park”.
Graham Cooke (fourth from right), founder and president of World Travel Award, presents the awards during the 30th World Travel Award Asia & Oceania Gala Ceremony held in HCM City on Wednesday. — Photo courtesy of Hà Nội Department of Tourism.

HANOI CITY — Cúc Phương National Park, a renowned tourist spot in northern Việt Nam, has once again been named “Asia’s Leading National Park”.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the park has been honoured at the 30th World Travel Award (WTA) Asia & Oceania Gala Ceremony held on Wednesday in HCM City.

The park, established in 1962, covers 22,000 hectares of land in three provinces and is known for its exceptional biodiversity and stunning landscapes.

Cúc Phương National Park is home to numerous rare and endangered species, making it a valuable ecological treasure in Asia.

Its dense forests house over 2,000 plant species and 300 bird species, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and researchers alike.

It attracts over 10,000 visitors annually, many of whom are international tourists.

The park has implemented successful conservation programmes to protect its diverse flora and fauna. It has established rescue and rehabilitation centres for endangered species such as primates and turtles.

In addition, it has involved local communities in its conservation efforts by promoting community-based eco-tourism initiatives, providing alternative livelihoods for locals while promoting sustainable tourism.

Visitors to the park can enjoy a range of ecotourism activities such as hiking trails, wildlife watching, and immersive experiences like staying in ecolodges.

The park also serves as a hub for research and education in biodiversity and conservation, collaborating with various national and international institutions to conduct scientific studies, training workshops, and educational programmes.

Competing with Cúc Phương National Park were notable parks like Chitwan National Park (Nepal), Fuji-Hakone-Izu (Japan), Kinabalu (Malaysia), Komodo (Indonesia), Minneriya (Sri Lanka), and Taman Negara (Malaysia).

Graham Cooke, founder and president of World Travel Award, praised Cúc Phương National Park for its biodiversity, successful conservation initiatives, community involvement, ecotourism opportunities, research, and education programmes.

“The consecutive award wins for the park have solidified its status as a world-class destination for nature lovers,” he said.

Nguyễn Văn Chính, director of Cúc Phương National Park, said: “With this recognition, we are taking a significant stride towards becoming a renowned tourist destination not only in Việt Nam but also in Asia at large.”

In addition to the renowned Cúc Phương National Park, Hà Nội, Việt Nam’s capital city, received three prestigious awards at the World Travel Awards (WTA) ceremony.

The awards, including Asia’s Leading City Destination, Asia’s Leading City Break Destination, and Asia’s Leading City Tourist Board, highlight the capital city’s commendable efforts in revitalising and enriching its tourism industry after the pandemic-induced challenges.

The awards not only acknowledge Hà Nội’s standing as a leading city destination in Asia but also highlight its appeal to travellers seeking unique experiences, particularly in night tours, culinary tourism, and urban exploration.

The World Travel Awards, often referred to as the “Oscars” of global tourism, were launched in 1993 to acknowledge excellence in the travel and tourism industry.

The annual event celebrates the achievements of industry leaders from around the world. — VNS