Con Quy tourist area- “Green Pearl” of Ben Tre coconut land

Con Quy tourist area is a famous ecotourism destination in the West. When coming to Con Quy, visitors will enjoy the fresh air and admire the charming beauty of the river, along with passionate folk songs.

Where is Con Quy tourist area?

Con Quy, also known as Con Cat, is one of the “four dunes” of Tien river. Con Quy tourist area is located along the romantic Tien river, between Tan Thach and Qoi Son communes, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province. Con Quy is the smallest alcohol among the islets in Ben Tre province, with a natural area of about 65ha and is placed according to the four spirits of Long- Lan- Quy- Phung.

Con Quy was formed like?

Con Quy tourist area was formed hundreds of years ago. Previously, the alcohol was just a wild, dense cliff with reed grass and no humans. In the 1960s, Con Quy was reclaimed and invested in tourism development.

The attraction for visitors to Con Quy is the wild beauty and no human interaction. Admiring Con Quy from afar is like an island floating in the middle of a river. The area between the islet has a Protestant church and is alluvial so the area expands to 170ha.

At first, the people here built small houses made of bamboo leaves to welcome tourists. After that, when realizing the potential for tourism development, people built Thuy Ta restaurant along the river with the power of hundreds of tourists and the quality of service has also improved.

Con Quy tourism visitors will admire the grapefruit gardens, oranges, longan gardens, rambutan, banana, coconut, mango, jackfruit, etc. Besides, Con Quy is also famous for honey bee which is taken from longan flowers so it has its own unique flavor.

Coming to Con Quy, visitors can also enjoy all kinds of Western fruits and listen to the typical singing of amateurs in the South.

In recent times, Ben Tre has been developing Con Quy to an ideal destinations for visitors to experience the ecotourism area. Coming to Con Quy, visitors not only enjoy the charming and poetic landscape but also the dining life of the people here.


Visitors can participate in exciting games such as catch fish, find crabs like a real Western farmer or walking on the monkey bridge.

Note when travelling to Con Quy, Ben Tre

How to get there: You need to move to Ben Tre by plane, bus or motorbike. Con Quy is about 23km from the center of Ben Tre city. You should rent a boat down the Tien river about 30 minutes to get to Con Quy.

Time: You should go to Con Quy in summer.

Accommodation: Con Quy hotels are developed to meet the needs of tourists.

Cuisine: Coming to Con Quy, visitors can try a wide range of Western cuisines such as fried shrimp, coconut fish, etc.