Da Dia Stream in Ia Ly town (Chu Pah district, Gia Lai) is extremely unique because the magic of creation carved stone blocks into the shape of overlapping disks in this plateau region.

Suối Đá Đĩa triệu năm tuổi ở Gia Lai bị xâm hại, chính quyền địa phương vào cuộc | Báo Dân tộc và Phát triển

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Many people are aware that Da Dia Rapids are a national beauty spot in Phu Yen. But in Van village (Ia Ly town), there is a place that probably very few people know. In a wild landscape with green forests on both banks, and many stones arranged so delicately and majestically by “mother nature”

The land of the central highlands is not only famous for its ching gongs, the khan nights that retain the vitality of a series of epic poems, bamboo rice wine, long houses, and brocade, but also for Da Dia stream in Chu Pah district (Gia Lai), which is an emerging natural landmark similar to Da Dia rapids in Phu Yen.

The people of Van village said that this stream has many names, but the Jrai people in the area call it Jrai Pha (jrai means waterfall and pha means broken, broken, overflowing, launched). Some people refer to this as Ia Ruai, which means ‘broken tree stream’.

Khám phá vẻ đẹp của suối đá đĩa Gia Lai - điểm check-in mới toanh của phố núi

Layers of stones stacked on top of each other create wonder – Source: Collected

The type of rock found here is basalt, which was formed several hundred million years ago by volcanic activity in the highlands. Perhaps in ancient times, when lava flows erupting from the volcano were exposed to cold water, they froze, which, combined with the phenomenon of stress, caused these lava blocks to naturally crack into multiple dimensions. Creating strangely beautiful and mysterious stone slabs, as seen today. What makes it unique is that there are hundreds of hexagonal, circular, or square blocks, each layer stacked on top of the other, consecutive and close together like a god’s hand.

The rocky beach has many exposed sections, particularly two very beautiful areas located only a few dozen meters apart. Large hexagonal stone bars next to the stream appear to have been arranged on purpose by some magical hand. They stand side by side, flat and solid as if they were one solid mass, defying time. Hundreds of similar-shaped stone pillars are arranged in rows here.

Unique Da Dia stream in Gia Lai - Picture 4

Golden sunshine, green stream flowing between the rocks – Source: Collected

Although there is no golden sunshine or blue sea like the Da Dia rapids in Phu Yen, this Da Dia stream has a distinct feature. The rocks of various shapes blend in with the symphony of the stream that flows all day and night, as do the golden sunshine of the plateau and the clear blue sky at the end of the monsoon season.

Those who visit this location not only appreciate the natural beauty of the rocks, but also feel at ease away from the hustle and bustle of the city and mingle with nature, the sun, the wind, and wonderful stream. There is nothing more poetic than that!

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Many people come here to take beautiful photos – Source: Collected

The Da Dia stream site is truly a magnificent masterpiece created by nature. A stunning natural wonder nestled among the Central Highlands’ fields, mountains, and forests. Perhaps many people will take beautiful photos of this unique and little-known destination. There is no need to travel to Phu Yen to see the rock formations when Gia Lai is equally impressive.

Ms. Bui Thanh Huong, Vice Chairman of the Ia Ly Town People’s Council, stated, “This is a unique geological heritage of Gia Lai and the Central Highlands. We will report and request that the Provincial People’s Committee implement appropriate conservation policies and measures. The Department will also collaborate with Chu Pah district and related units to research and develop this location into a tourist destination with tours. The Ia Ly hydropower plant and Chu Dang Ya volcano aim to develop the economy while meeting regulatory requirements for natural landscape protection.