Specialties that should not be missed out when coming to Gia Lai

Gia Lai is famous as a tourist destination with the beauty of forests, mountains, forest streams, bringing visitors the fresh nature. Besides these things, Gia Lai culinary are memorable with visitors. What is better than both exploring the green primitive forests and enjoy the rustic dishes?

Tourist destinations do not have ideal translation in Vietnam

So what are you waiting for without booking a tour to this dreaming land?

Dry Pho Gia Lai

Surely all Vietnamese people can easily recognize Pho even though it is processed in many ways. However, when enjoying Gia Lai dry Pho for the first time, many diners will be surprised.

The appearance of Gia Lai dry pho is different from familiar pho dishes such as water noodle soup, stir-fried noodle, fried noodle or roll noodle soup instead of using a bowl or a plate with a bowl of sauce. The owner serves two separate bowls: one bowl of pho bread, the other is broth. Therefore, Gia Lai dry pho is also known as two bowl of pho.

It is difficult to mix the ingredients of Dry Pho Gia Lai evenly. You must use a small cup to separate the noodles. An indispensable spice of dry pho is soy sauce made from soybeans and brown sugar, or soy sauce, which is not eaten with fish sauce. Eating a piece of rice noodles, bold meat flavor, with a spoonful of hot broth, sweet bone flavor, fat fried onion, and fragrant vegetables, you will feel the full taste of dry pho Gia Lai with two bowls of pho.

Lam Rice

Lam Rice is a familiar dish in the mountainous regions, but each location has a different flavor and cooking method. This is an indispensable specialty of Gia Lai. Lam rice is very easy to process without being too fussy but it requires meticulousness and care for the dish, so not everyone can cook it deliciously.

Lam rice has an indescribable taste, when you eat, you only need to split the bamboo stick, take the rice and dab with sesame salt, peanut salt.

Yellow- ant salt

Perhaps many people will be scared when they hear the name of this ant. But actually this dish is very delicious. Tasting it once in your life, you will never forget.

To make this dish, Gia Lai people had to go to the mountains of Krong Pa (Gia Lai) to catch the yellow ants to make salt. Ants will be roasted over the fire for re-ripe and then pounded together with large salt, spicy chili, a little dried onion and some kind of forest leaves.

Weasel Coffee

To get real weasel coffee bags is not easy at all. Weasels are raised and cared for thoroughly before each coffee season for a period of 1-2 months.

The berries chosen as food for weasels are also extremely meticulous which must be red ripe fruit, not deep and without spraying. Weasel coffee is actually coffee from weasel’s feces. People are washed, dried and stored in suitable conditions with humidity from 10 – 12%.

To enjoy standard mink coffee, before drinking, put a cup of coffee nose to breathe deeply. From the sense of smell to the taste, you can fully feel the passionate scent. After drinking weasel coffee, you will no longer want to try other coffees. Believe in me!!

It takes 10kg of fresh coffee to produce 1kg of weasel coffee. That is why the price of mink coffee is very high.

There is nothing more wonderful than a trip to visit this majestic beauty and enjoy delicious dishes in here.