Pleiku city children have a physical location in a prime location plateau. People called the “Mountain City”, “City of Fog”, “City Plateau” … For a long time this hill town where the tourists anchored to specific beauty and its cultural identity . Pleiku remember people remember about coffee. Upon arrival you will be amazed Pleiku, interesting because in any public street cafes also.

Pleiku people not merely as coffee is a drink that is higher than that it is a need to enjoy every day. And inviting each other to drink coffee is a culture characterized by people mountains Street. You’re in the capital Hanoi, always switch plates also call: Coffee house real good guys. He do business throughout North-Central-South, “believers” Coffee and coffee, on older machines also. At Pleiku time you also join me around the shop in the city to enjoy and compare, so that when the luggage suitcase always much more balanced coffee kinds from Thu Ha, Version Phuong Dinh Dien, Thanh Thuy …

How people drink coffee once Pleiku is like and enthusiast. Whether coffee or shuffle along toad Nguyen Du Street, Tran Hung Dao, Le Loi … or to the cafes chic, romantic scene, mysterious, abstract places “Coffee Street” on the road wuu with: Styling in the past, Dung Dinh, An An, apparently … Don segment with Black, Yellow House, or the opposite side of the lake in Green outskirts are very interesting feeling. From where to where affordable luxury coffee from the mountains Street people love business very well. Se in cold weather, foggy blind soon, with friends huddled inside pens steaming coffee table, black drop drops slowly drop bottom match as smooth as glass does not know the time hustle out there. Enjoy the coffee drops fall as well as the animals, rambling enlightened philosophies of life as little monk Thich Giac Tam said: “… When I drink coffee fun and we recognize that there is nothing happy with the present moment, our peace with this moment, because we do not know to cherish this moment, who knows then again there is a dream. “
Each person every taste, my own coffee sat like pavements, ngon- police cheap desk tables, crowded, friendly, from the familiar unfamiliar, add a friend in the district, from abroad on the road again spoiled watching Pudong gradually morning, slender girls pristine white robes to school, gurgling laugh pink cheeks innocent stretch, flip turn mothers take their children to school, rush baskets of fresh vegetables, fruit street car backwards … Street swept four seasons a day, morning frosts, wind lethargic, Lagerstroemia purple hanging ever wear thin branches swaying, leisurely sip coffee tasty enough, feeling lightheaded, mostly welcomed the new day, start a new day more love their city.
Pleiku coffee like the carrier material on Thu Ha to “And Something to remember”. Thu Ha Coffee only recently grown in the highlands just processing, selling coffee, forming a closed loop. A quiet space, plus elegant Bluebird of fragrant coffee. Whether coming to relax, work desk with partners or for any reason to sit here you will feel the warmth and comfort.
Cold morning mist unfurl or night, a cozy sofa corner shop, a garden hip messed-cotton, bamboo and rattan chairs, warm light golden brown, a roadside canvas though disheveled air, small red dust the furniture worn guests sat dreamily coffee, straw, thoughtfully, painstakingly … black coffee with constant waves. Can anybody ever go to many places, enjoy coffee of many different regions, but the taste and bold flavor, Date Date of coffee drunk Street and mountain plateaus, mountain dew John Street, Pleiku City with Kids “cheek pink red lips “, with pine, slope and wind canvas desk space, naughty overwhelmed sunny dry season, drizzle, poured, torrential rainy season … it was noted in the hearts of each one once to this place.