The Best Late Night Cheap Eats in Ho Chi Minh City

A distinguishing characteristic of Ho Chi Minh City is its vibrant nightlife. Nothing beats sitting on the pavement during a chilled-out night and enjoying street food with the locals. We’ve rounded up the best late-night cheap eats for night owls visiting the city. 

Chao trang hang xanh

Congee is a savoury rice porridge made from rice boiled in water or stock until it is bland and smooth, and it does wonders for a hangover! Head to Chao Trang Hang Xanh for a cure, or simply for a taste of Southern Vietnamese congee with an appealing aroma of pineapple leaves. Different garnishes are placed in smaller bowls on the side so you can customise your own congee with pickled cabbage, salted egg, braised egg or pork.

night food market in Ho chi minh
Congee with different garnishes

Oyster Omelette 128 Phung Hung

When the sky turns dark and the temperature in Ho Chi Minh City lowers, it’s time to try some hot fried food. Head out to 128 Phung Hung to get a bite of oyster omelette. It has been run by the same family since before 1975. The food is quite rich and oily as the fresh baby oysters are mixed with egg, starch, and chopped herbs to make an omelette, which are served with cabbage leaves and spicy fish sauce, helping to balance the flavours.

Late Night Cheap Eats in Ho Chi Minh City
Oyster omelette

Crab vermicelli at 7 Bun rieu

If you ever need a break from pho, try crab vermicelli. Let the clouds of smoke and aroma of the broth mixed with crab paste greet you at 7 Bun Rieu. A hot bowl of noodles is topped with fried tofu, congealed pig’s blood, a slice of Vietnamese ham and a hunk of tenderly stewed pork. Last but not least, an appealing selection of condiments are put on the side, like shrimp paste, chilies, limes, and a pile of raw vegetables and herbs.

the best late-night cheap eats for night
Crab Noodles

Xoi Binh Tien

Can you imagine a feast for less than $1? Xoi means sticky rice, and Xoi Binh Tien provides the four ingredients for a perfect late-night meal: affordability, speed, delicious tastes and filling food. If you are looking for something savory, xoi can be topped with stringy dried pork, shredded chicken, egg, Chinese sausage, or Chinese barbecue pork. However, the signature dish at Xoi Binh Tien is the creamy, sweet coconut sticky rice with egg custard, which can be enjoyed as a dessert.

the best late-night cheap eats for night
Savory Sticky Rice

Hu tiet at No Trang Long Street

Hu tieu (noodle soup, usually with pork) is the street dish most closely associated with Saigon. While pork is usually the key ingredient, at No Trang Long Street, hu tieu cooked with beef meatballs and beef tongue is attracting crowds of manual labourers, hawkers and night-shift workers.

the best late-night cheap eats for night
Hu Tieu

Crab soup at 278 Le Quang Dinh

If you are looking for a simple, light and delicate taste, grab some crab soup at 278 Le Quang Dinh. The soup thickened with corn starch is mixed with boneless crab, corn, shredded chicken, slices of shiitake mushroom, a quail egg, and chopped herbs. The bo bia, a street snack, is also unmissable. It might look like spring rolls but its distinctive flavour comes from sliced carrots, jicama, omelette ribbons, Chinese sausage, and dried shrimp. The key is the dipping sauce, which has a strong flavour of peanut mixed with fried shallots.

Late night food in Ho Chi Minh City
Bo Bia

Saigon is renowned not only by its history but also by diversified dishes. Make sure to stop at one of local places to enjoy dishes which are cheap for night in Saigon for your off-beaten path travel experience. Check out more wonder drinks, food and where to find them in Sai Gon.