The best fruit gardens of Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Summer is a perfect time for your fruit-garden-visiting because it is the blooming time of many signature tropical fruits. A trip to these gardens is one of the best activities to do in Mekong river area and a precious chance to escape from the summer heat of city by hiding under a lush garden and being fed with fresh fruits. Here are the best fruit gardens in Mekong Delta in Vietnam for you before traveling Mekong River Delta.

You could probably customize your trip in Southern Vietnam in order to fit with the harvesting season. For example, if you go in July which is the time of logan, it is advisable that you choose a farm specialized in that particular fruit.

The Mekong Delta area is the biggest fruit factory in the country, therefore, you should at least once visit one of the farms below if you have a chance to travel to Southern Vietnam.

Cái Bè Fruit Garden (Tiền Giang)

About 70 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Cai Be Fruit Garden lies along the Northern side of Tien River. It is one of the largest gardens of the whole Mekong Delta with a wide range of fruits. The richness of the land enables people to grow many types of fruit which will bear fruit all around the year.

Many famous fruits that you can found here: Hoa Loc mango, grapefruit, longan, orange, orange, camphor, etc.

fruit gardens in Mekong Delta
Fruit garden in Tien Giang

Address : Huyện Cái Bè, tỉnh Tiền Giang.

Vĩnh Kim Fruit Garden (Tiền Giang)

Vinh Kim Garden, which produces the first-class star apple – a fruit of tropical area, is the famous fruit orchard in Mekong Delta. In Vietnamese, it is called vú sữa, which means “breast milk.” Vu sua Lo Ren produced in Vinh Kim are exported to the foreign market due to its particularly good taste. Star apple tree is usually of a giant form, which could cover the whole garden under the shade of its spreading branches. In the peak time of the summer, there will be nothing better than sitting in the shadow of those big trees and enjoy the sweet and milk-like flavor of star apples.

Beside the famous vú sữa lò rèn, guests can also enjoy many other types of fruit, for example, durian, rambutan, grapefruit.

fruit gardens in Mekong Delta
Vinh Kim fruit garden

Address : Xã Vĩnh Kim, Huyện Châu Thành, Tiền Giang.

Mỹ Khánh Fruit Garden (Cần Thơ)

To get to My Khanh from Can Tho, you can follow the National Route 1A which leads to Soc Trang. After entering Cai Rang Bridge, you will travel 6 km further before reaching Mỹ Khánh.

Mỹ Khanh garden lies within the famous Cai Rang Floating Market. That means you will not only witness the garden but also the full progress of harvesting and transporting fruit from the garden to small stall boats floating over Cai Rang River.  

Address: 335, Lộ Vòng Cung, Xã Mỹ Khánh, Huyện Phong Điền, Cần Thơ.

Cái Mơn (Bến Tre)

With the favorable conditions, Cai Mon is one of the most flourish gardens in the Mekong Delta. One of the famous fruit that it offers is durian, the stinky fruit which is the particular fruit of South East Asia. For those who don’t know, this kind of fruit is dubbed with the name the smelliest fruit in the world. This was one of the most “controversial” fruit in the world which divides human into two categories: those who love durian and those disgust it.

Visiting Cai Mon is a good opportunity for you to get to know how this fruit is grown and enjoy the notorious smell of it. Who knows if you will jump into durian-lover team right after a trip to Cai Mon.

There are many other fruit grown in Cai Mon, such as rambutan, grapefruit, mango, longan or plum.

Address: Xã Vĩnh Thành, huyện Chợ Lách, tỉnh Bến Tre.

 Vĩnh Long fruit garden 

The famous fruit that Vinh Long produce is rambutan – another tropical particular fruit. You can visit Vinh Long in May, June or July because it is the harvesting time of rambutan. The reddish and lush of a rambutan garden is absolutely the dreamland of any fruit-lover.

fruit gardens in Mekong Delta
Rambutan garden in Vietnam

 Trung An, Củ Chi Fruit market

Only 40 km away from Ho Chi Minh, Trung An garden is the nearest garden to go from the center of Saigon. It is suitable for a one-day trip away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis.

Adding these fruit garden into your holiday in Vietnam will be a smart choice that will not ever let you down and definitely you can not miss fruit gardens in Mekong River Delta.