Tagaytay Highlands — Philippines’s premier destination for relaxation

Tagaytay is foggy at times, simply fresh, and reasonably cold all year, nestled along the highest peaks of the Tagaytay mountains around 60 kilometers from Manila’s capital. This is appealing to people looking for a peaceful mountain retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Philippines's premier destination for relaxation
Tagaytay Highlands – Philippines’s premier destination for relaxation. Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Without a doubt, the breathtaking scenery here will steal your breath away the moment you see it. Just climb Tagaytay Ridge to obtain the best perspective of the entire fascinating scene: majestic Manila Bay in the north, stunning Taal Lake in the south, and lovely Laguna de Bay Lake in the east. A little further out, several quiet and beautiful fishing villages fill the picture all the way to the horizon.

Taal Volcano in the middle of Taal Lake

One of the most distinct panoramic views of Tagaytay is Taal Lake with Taal Volcano in the middle of the lake. Inside the volcano is another small lake named Crater. Here people call Lake-in-Lake Taay.

Scene of Tagaytay is incredibly mesmerizing at dawn or sunset

Don’t forget to hire a boat to be enchanted by the magnificent light at sunrise or sunset. When you glance about to see the wildness and then gaze down to see the river reflecting hazy blue sky in mist, the scene is breathtaking.

Staying in rustic houses to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere is also wonderful

On the hillside of Taal Lake lie numerous rustic houses and all have the whole view of Taal.

The lush greeneries of forests and grasslands in harmony with the blue of sky and water

Adding to the spectacle of Lake-in-Lake Taay, along the terrain of Tagaytay are the lush greenery of forests and grasslands in harmony with the blue of sky and water. Who knows? You might catch a glimpse of some rare wild species in the mountain resort.

Tagaytay highlands Philippines 6

For the sake of fresh and cool climate and convenient transport, the rich in Manila really prefer to have a second house in Tagaytay to enjoy relaxing hours on weekends.

There're numerous modern hotels for tourists

The accommodations here are invested with modern and expensive hotels in term of the increase in the number of tourists.

The hotels all have wonderful view of Tagaytay.
The hotels all have a wonderful view of Tagaytay. Photo: pinterest.com

You’ll most likely be able to appreciate the scenery from the comfort of these hotels, but if you want to see the beautiful terrains of Tagaytay with your own eyes, several cable cars are constantly accessible.

The weather is amazing with purely blue sky in May - Tagaytay highlands Philippines 9

The ideal time to capture the most poetical view of Tagaytay and explore the Volcano is in May when the weather is amazing with the purely blue sky.

The ancient house with Spanish architecture in Taal village - Tagaytay highlands Philippines 10
The ancient house with Spanish architecture in Taal village. Photo: Claire Raborar

Don’t miss such a great chance to take a 50km travel from the Volcano to Taal village – The Heritage Village. Here you admire and listen to the stories about the old houses with Spanish architecture from the 300-year period of the colony.