Regalia Suites Hotel Kuala Lumpur review — One of the best residence apartments to see panoramic skyline of KL

After I released several photographs of the cityscape of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, many of you inquired where I took them. So now I’ll present and assess the hotel where I slept and used its surroundings for my photography in Kuala Lumpur: the Regalia Hotel (Regalia Hotel KL), or, more precisely, Regalia Suites (Regalia Residence Apartment Kuala Lumpur, Regalia suites & hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Regalia Suites Hotel Kuala Lumpur). Let’s have a look!

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I found this hotel because I saw many beautiful pictures of Kuala Lumpur cityscape, Petronas Twin Towers of many famous photographers around the world were taken from the location of this hotel, so I went online, searched information, room rates and booked a room here on my vacation in the capital of Malaysia.

The location of Regalia Suites Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Regalia Hotel KL)

Address: No. 2, Jalan Anjung Putra, Off, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50480, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Regalia Suites & Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is located in the heart of the city, only 10-15 minutes by train from major shopping districts such as KLCC, KL Sentral. Right next to the hotel is Putra World Trade Center with full of goods, clothes, and brands you need, Zara HM, Prada is also present, bustling, diverse no less than other major Kuala Lumpur shopping malls like KLCC or KL Sentral.

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How to get to Regalia Residence Apartment Kuala Lumpur?

You may take the Sky bus from the KLIA2 airport to the city center (RM10.00 per person), and the trip will stop at KL Sentral. Then go straight up the stairs at the bus parking lot to enter KL Sentral and take the train (LRT) to the hotel.

You take the LRT from KL Sentral to Masjid Jamek, then switch to the yellow line to PWTC. It’s worth noting that the location is Sultan Ismail, however getting to the hotel from Sultan Ismail Station would be difficult. Simply walk to PWTC station, then go up the elevated pedestrian route via a large supermarket named Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), and proceed directly to the hotel’s basement (remember to ask for more directions here because of the distance is quite long). You take the elevator from the basement to the second level to check into your accommodation at the reception area.

Also, if you take a taxi, just ask the driver take you straight to the lobby of the hotel at the address available above.


The rooftop swimming pool with views of the stunning Twin Towers is the hotel’s feature. You may go up here for swimming and occasionally appreciating the entire view of Kuala Lumpur city from above, especially at night when the city lights up, and get the same feeling as you would at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel swimming pool in Singapore. Alternatively, after having a bath and relaxing on one of the many seats, get a drink from the restaurant downstairs in the pool and enjoy slowly while reading a book, there’s nothing better. Please keep in mind that there is always a gatekeeper at the swimming pool, and you must provide your room number to get entrance to this area.

Rooftop swimming pool:

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In addition, the hotel also has a gym, tennis court and meeting room, library. If you arrive early or need to send your luggage, you can send it off at the hotel reception.

Gym center



In terms of the interior, for $40-45 a night, I slept one night in a 50m2 apartment on the 20th floor for two people, which included a bedroom, a toilet, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and one bedroom with two single beds, which was not pricey for a huge city like Kuala Lumpur. The extremely big living area contains a sofa, a huge screen TV, and a spectacular view of the Petronas Twin Towers via the hotel’s glass wall. You may go to the neighboring supermarket and buy food to cook, or you can stroll to the PWTC shopping mall, which has several restaurants serving a variety of meals.. The door is locked with a magnetic card, each room has its own wifi transmitter and you have to ask for the password from the front desk.

You can see the real photos I took of the Regalia Suites & Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (take pictures of the city from the glass window):

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| regalia suites & hotel kuala lumpur malaysia

City landscape shooting angles from the Regalia Hotel KL

While staying at the Regalia Suites Hotel Kuala Lumpur, you have two options for shooting cityscapes: one from the rooftop swimming pool and the other from my apartment room. When shooting from the rooftop, you will have many different shooting angles, and it includes the foreground of the swimming pool, so there are more possibilities, but when shooting in my room, I can shoot through the glass or open the door. My accommodation is on the 20th floor, so I can catch the light trail of trains going through the night in a vertical posture with the Twin Towers in the background, which makes for magnificent backgrounds.

Taken from my room:

Taken from the rooftop swimming pool:

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