Right before the Lunar New Year, Sa Dec Flower Village becomes an ideal site to enjoy the beauty of flowers and immerse yourself in the pleasant ambiance of spring.

Dong Thap is a province rich in historical and cultural artifacts, as well as distinct food, particularly the Sa Dec decorative flower hamlet, which is known as the Western flower capital. Sa Dec Flower Village, previously Tan Quy Dong Flower Village, is a hallmark of traditional craftsmanship with over a century of history. Located on the banks of the Tien River, with pleasant air, new colors of alluvium, and strong sunlight, this region is renowned as “the land of ornamental flowers.” When visiting Dong Thap, particularly Sa Dec flower hamlet, you will be able to observe the magnificent beauty of hundreds of brilliant flowers, fragrance everywhere.

Let Focus Asia Travel tell you all the travel tips at Sa Dec Flower Village in just one note, helping you have a truly memorable trip!

Where is Sa Dec Flower Village?

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Sa Dec flower village, also known as Tan Quy Dong decorative flower village, is located in Tan Quy Dong commune, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap province, approximately 3 kilometers from the city center. This is a familiar location for individuals who enjoy the art of decorative flowers. With the skilled hands of many generations of artists, Sa Dec flower hamlet has evolved into a one-of-a-kind Western tourist destination steeped with Mekong River culture.

History of Sa Dec Flower Village

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The history of Sa Dec flower village began in the early twentieth century, when just a few homes in the Tan Quy Dong district produced flowers to decorate for Tet. Witnessing the beauty of flowers flourishing in the soil led to a rise in flower producers and a clearer commercial goal. The flower village then grew to include the Sa Nhien canal, An Hoa ward, Tan Khanh Dong commune, and Ward 3 of Sa Dec City. The overall flower growing area now exceeds 500 hectares, with over 2,300 homes and 2,000 distinct beautiful flower species, making Sa Dec Flower Village one of the greatest ornamental flower gardens in the Mekong Delta and the South.

Previously, Tan Quy Dong decorative flower village frequently functioned under the “hereditary” paradigm and received little investment, resulting in ups and downs. However, after entering the integration phase, owing to scientific and technological improvements, as well as infrastructure investment, rare flower types were added, a tissue culture breeding facility was built, and a market was established. Tan Quy Dong flower village has grown rapidly and is now in its golden era as a center for the consumption of attractive flowers.

Today, the flower fields towering over the calm blue lake remain the distinguishing feature of Sa Dec flower village, providing a tranquil and lovely ambiance. During the flood season, people are not afraid to wade or use boats to care for aromatic decorative flowers, producing a beautiful image of the relationship between people and environment.

Guide to Sa Dec Flower Village from Saigon


To get to Sa Dec, you can choose between traveling by motorbike or car. The distance from Saigon to Sa Dec flower village is only 140 km, and takes about 3 hours by car.

Once you arrive in Sa Dec, moving between tourist attractions is very convenient. You can choose to use a motorbike or bicycle, with many quality motorbike rental shops. In addition, most hotels and homestays here offer motorbike rental services so you can easily explore the surrounding area.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the soothing feeling of cycling through vast flower fields, where you can breathe fresh air and be filled with the gentle scent of diverse flowers. This will definitely be an important part of making your trip special and memorable.

What is Attractive About Sa Dec Flower Village?

1. Ngoc Lan Ornamental Garden

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  • Address: No. 1 Hoa Sa Dec Street, Tan Quy Dong Ward, Sa Dec
  • Ticket price: 20,000 VND/adult, free for children

Ngoc Lan ornamental garden in Sa Dec flower village is a unique spot with an extremely impressive flower viewing platform, up to 18m high. Here, you not only have the opportunity to see the entire vast beauty of the flower village within a radius of 20km, but you can also enjoy wonderful check-in photos with a background of hundreds of colorful flowers.

In particular, from this observatory, you will easily recognize the characteristic of Sa Dec flower village – flower beds blooming on high trellises, while the apricot trees are soaked in water. Flower growers need to use boots or small boats to care for and harvest, creating a unique and impressive image. Although climbing up to the platform can be a bit tiring, the wonderful experience from the top of the observatory will leave you with unforgettable emotions and immerse yourself in the sparkling beauty of Sa Dec flower village.

2. Happy Land Hung Thy

Sa Đéc, tỉnh Đồng Tháp: Hấp dẫn khu vui chơi miệt vườn Happy Land Hùng Thy

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  • Address: 113A Hoa Sa Dec Street, Tan Quy Dong, Sa Dec
  • Ticket price: 20,000 VND/person for sightseeing; 100,000 VND/person for game experience package.

Happy Land Hung Thy is a unique entertainment oasis in Sa Dec flower village. This is not only a place for you to admire the four-season beauty of the flower garden, but also a place for you to immerse yourself in a fun world with adventurous entertainment games. From cycling on the monkey bridge to canoeing on the cool waters, or even going on an adventurous pendulum bridge, it all awaits you.

In particular, if you are looking for a location for team building activities with a strong Western identity, Happy Land Hung Thy would be a more perfect choice. With attractive ticket prices, this is definitely a place worth visiting and enjoying exciting moments of experience.

3. Sa Nhien Garden

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  • Address: 22 Sa Nhien, Khanh Hoa, Tan Khanh Dong ward, Sa Dec
  • Ticket price: 40,000 VND/person

Sa Nhien Garden, with its unique upside-down flower house, is a destination not to be missed for those who love to check-in. This place not only stands out with its unique flower house but also possesses many other exquisite decorative miniatures, such as an infinity staircase, a giant chair, a sailboat, a sunset gate… Highlights of Sa Nhien The Garden is a majestic sailboat model, with an area of up to 300m2, creating a unique and impressive photography space. In particular, the deck area is an ideal place to watch the wonderful sunset. After interesting experiences, you can enjoy delicious Western specialties right at Sa Nhien Garden. This is definitely the perfect destination for trips with family and friends!

4. Date Garden

Vườn chà là Sa Đéc - thiên đường phủ sắc vàng cam đẹp như tranh vẽ

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  • Address: Sa Nhien Street, Tan Quy Dong Ward, Sa Dec
  • Ticket price: 20,000 VND/adult, free for children

Sa Nhien Date Palm Garden, located in Tan Quy Dong ward, Sa Dec, is the largest-scale destination in the Southwest region with an area of 4,000 square meters and more than 100 flowering date palm trees.

The date palm trees here, with a lifespan of over 10 years, bring a delicious experience with a sweet and exotic flavor when ripe. Especially in the summer, when the dates are ripe, the garden is open to welcome visitors. However, because dates are mainly grown as ornamentals, the number of fruits may not be as large as other fruit gardens. This creates a unique and fascinating experience for those who like to explore and enjoy the unique flavor of dates.

Other Can’t Miss Attractions in Sa Dec
1. Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House

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Right on the edge of the Sa Giang River, Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House is a vivid picture, a historical witness to the beautiful love story between the Chinese-Vietnamese gentleman Huynh Thuy Le and the French female writer Marguerite Duras.

Built in 1895 and restored in 1917, the house’s exterior bears traces of a French-style villa, but the inside contains a unique Chinese architectural space. This subtle interference is a symbol of the harmony of two different cultures since the early 20th century. Huynh Thuy Le ancient house is not only a historical relic, but also a symbol of love. and cultural diversity, creating a beautiful and meaningful space for those who come.

2. Hong Lai Vung Tangerine Garden

Vườn Quýt Hồng Lai Vung - Điểm đến không thể bỏ qua tại Đồng Tháp

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When coming to Sa Dec, an experience not to be missed is visiting the tangerine garden at Lai Vung, especially in the days near Tet when the season begins. The whole garden is filled with new, delicate pink colors. Visitors will see succulent tangerines hanging from the trees, creating a vivid and delicate picture. In addition to enjoying the attractive beauty of the tangerine garden, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful taste of tangerines and preserve memorable moments through beautiful photos.

#FocusAsiaTravel, hurry and set foot in Lai Vung tangerine garden when traveling to Dong Thap to fully enjoy this experience!

3. Lotus Leaf Pagoda (Phuoc Kien Tu)

Về chùa Phước Kiển Đồng Tháp check in cùng lá sen 'siêu to khổng lồ' độc nhất miền Tây

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Located only 14 km from the center of Sa Dec, Phuoc Kien Pagoda is a unique destination with large ponds filled with giant lotus leaves with a diameter of 2-3 m. What’s interesting is that these lotus leaves are capable of bearing the weight of 1-2 adults while still maintaining their stability. However, during your visit, the temple is in the process of rebuilding the bridge, leaving you without the opportunity to approach and enjoy the closeness of the giant lotus leaves. However, the peaceful atmosphere and exquisite beauty at Phuoc Kien Pagoda still make each visitor feel attractive and represent the traditional and spiritual beauty of this land.

4. Xeo Quyt Relic Area

Khu du lịch Xẻo Quýt - VOV Du lịch - Trang tin tức của Truyền hình VOVTV

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Xẻo Quýt relic site, a unique stopover in Dong Thap, was once the revolutionary base of the Dong Thap Provincial Party Committee during the resistance war against the US (1960-1975). During the flood season, visitors have the opportunity to visit the relics on a dinghy, weave through the cajuput forest, or walk on the monorail, experiencing the pristine atmosphere and majestic nature.

Sa Dec Specialties You Can’t Miss

1. Grilled Snakehead Fish Rolled in Young Lotus Leaves

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Grilled snakehead fish rolled in young lotus leaves in Sa Dec is a unique dish, a harmonious combination of snakehead fish, young lotus leaves, herbs, green bananas, and sour star fruit. Sweet, soft snakehead fish meat is wrapped neatly inside young lotus leaves, creating a rich and unique flavor. Dip with spicy and sour tamarind fish sauce, the dish brings a stylish and unforgettable culinary experience.

2. Sa Dec Noodle Soup

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Sa Dec noodle soup is a delicious and famous dish, a great choice for tourists when visiting Sa Dec. The noodles are soft, not too chewy, and stand out with the rich broth stewed from pork bones. The dish also comes with a layer of boiled pork and fresh beef balls, creating a unique, irresistible flavor. Sa Dec noodle soup is not only favored by locals but is also a highly appreciated dish on the international culinary map.

3. Linh Bong Dien Fish Hotpot

Lẩu cá linh - Bông điên điển nhỏ - Lẩu mắm cá linh ở Hà Nội – Nhà hàng Phương Nam

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Sesbania Ganoderma fish hotpot is a specialty dish in Sa Dec, the Western region, favored by local people. The hot pot dish is not only delicious with familiar “homegrown” ingredients but also brings health benefits, such as clearing heat, reducing headaches and nourishing blood.

Linh fish and Sesbania flowers, the two main ingredients of this dish, only appear during the flood season, from September to November. Therefore, when coming to Sa Dec during this time, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Enjoy a unique dish imbued with the local cultural and rural identity.

Sa Dec flower village attracts tourists with its beauty like in movie scenes, where flowers bloom brilliantly in all four seasons. Not only is it an ideal tourist and shopping destination, this is also a great place for you to pose and take sparkling, beautiful “check-in” photos with colorful flower forests.

Add Sa Dec flower village to your spring travel itinerary!