Nem Nuong Flavors – Nha Trang Specialty

Arriving in Nha Trang, tourists not only swim, admire the beautiful scenery but also discover and enjoy the unique dishes only in this land. In particular, nem nuong flavors (grilled fermented pork meat) – specialties of Nha Trang are popular with tourists because of their strange and delicious taste.

nem-nuong Nha Trang

Grilled fermented pork meat is a familiar dish in all regions of the country, even, it become one of favorite Hanoi street food to many young people and visitors in the capital. However, each place, fermented pork meat have their own unique flavor. In Nha Trang, grilled fermented pork meat become one of famous delicious food, returning the food in Nha Trang indispensable to local people as well as tourists. Unlike the famous fermented meat in Binh Dinh, which is packed with guava leaves or fermented meat in Thu Duc wrapped in vong leaves, Nha Trang fermented pork has a distinctive sour taste thanks to the gooseberry leaves.

To have a special dish of Nha Trang, grilled nem is prepared from the hot thighs of the big pigs, then pounded by a pestle or a blender. After pounded, people will mix the meat with garlic and pepper, shredded pig skin according to its own recipe. After that, the local people packed it with leaves and keep for a few days to ferment.

Places to eat mem nuong Nha Trang is easy to find. Visitors on Vietnam food tours can find and enjoy this dish in some places which are located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Le Loi, Hoang Van Thu, Le Thanh Phuong, Tran Duong … The most crowded shop is on Dang Van Quyen street and Ngoc Tien street, there are about twenty shops selling grilled fermented pork meat served from afternoon to evening.

As a feature of Nha Trang nem nuong shop, diners will enjoy a plate of fermented pork meat and lean pork paste that are available put on the table while waiting for grilled fermented pork meat. Nem is served with garlic and dipping sauce including chilli, garlic, sugar, and rich fish sauce. A fairly elaborate grilled meat consists of about 6-8 pieces of grilled minced meat corresponding to the amount of crispy rice paper.

Fresh vegetables are also brought up by the owner to accompany this delicious Nha Trang grilled fermented pork meat dish. Depending on the season, vegetables can be displayed including chop suey green, lettuce, cucumber, banana flowers, fish leaves, chives, basil, star fruit (or mango) … Some even have pickles and onion so that customers don’t get boring.

Nem nuong flavor

nem nuong flavors

Besides the flavor that is marinated in fermented pork meat, the sauce is also a decisive part of the quality of the dish. Delicious sauce must meet 4 tastes: sour – spicy – salty – sweet. Accompanying with that is the aroma of many kinds of vegetables, which are the right taste of the special food of Nha Trang.

With grilled fermented meat, you can enjoy onsite or buy as gifts for relatives because this flavor is only available in the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang. If travelling to Nha Trang, visitors on Vietnam food tour  should not miss the opportunity to enjoy this grilled fermented pork meat with your family and friends. Surely, this dish will make you fall in love with the coastal city in Vietnam.