Meet Yeison Kim and Samantha — The couple making $5,000 per month from blogging & travel around the world


One of the greatest benefits of the internet is the potential to generate a portable income that is not time-dependent and can be earned from anywhere on the globe. In fact, if you’re an ex-pat with a story to tell, it might be a source of money in and of itself. If you’re an ex-pat searching for a way to supplement your income online, blogging might be a possibility for you.

Yeison Kim and Samantha Wei couple

Imagine a life where you get to travel, earn enough to live, and enjoy doing what you love.

Samantha Wei and Yeison Kim are based in Costa Rica and earn a living from blogging about their adventures. Their blog now generates a healthy income averaging more than $5,000 each month in revenue.

Sammi and Yeison-awesome central american waterfall. Image
Sammi and Yeison awesome central american waterfall. Image

Recently their travels took them to Drake Bay and Cano Island on the Osa Peninsula.

“Cano Island has some of the best diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica,” says Samantha. “We had a blast swimming in the crystal clear water, chasing fish, and swimming alongside sea-turtles.”

Naturally, they took advantage of the chance to write and film films about their adventures for their website. Samantha and Yeison are able to travel widely across Costa Rica while blogging about their experiences on the blog. The couple’s aim is to have fun, whether it’s white-water rafting in Guanacaste or zip-lining in the rain forest.

Yeison flying in Costa Rica. Image
Yeison flying in Costa Rica. Image

Samantha from Washington State and Yeison from Costa Rica met on their travels and decided to start a blog with the intention of building a travel-writing business.

“The blog started as an online journal, but we knew it was possible to make a living from it,” says Samantha.

Costa Rica, Central America
Costa Rica, Central America. Image

Being self-employed gives individuals the flexibility to work their own hours and at their own speed. Samantha is responsible for the majority of the content, although she only has to do it three times each week… She can do it from any location in the globe that has an internet connection. Yeison manages the website and ensures that the blog operates well. He also edits videos and handles the business side of things.

In just three years, the site has amassed a monthly readership of over 80,000 page visits. This traffic enables the pair to monetize the site through advertising, such as Google AdSense, and affiliate marketing, which promotes travel services such as hotels and vehicle rentals, as well as Amazon items.

Samantha and Yeison write about each country they visit. Whether it is shopping in Panama City…enjoying the markets in the Philippines…or viewing colonial architecture in Nicaragua, they share their experiences with their readers.

$5000 per month from blogging; Yeison Kim and Samantha Wei. Image

Because they have a successful blog, the majority of their travel expenses are covered by hotels and excursions that want to be highlighted or reviewed. They were even given an all-expenses-paid trip to Thailand to talk to a group of travel bloggers, authors, and industry experts.

There are several reasons to begin a blog. Some people establish one to keep family and friends updated on their travels, while others start one to support travel or a portion of living overseas. Samantha and Yeison show how to develop a blog to earn a good living while also providing possibilities for free travel and adventures.