Immerse yourself in Yen Minh Pine Forest

Hidden in the mountains and forests, the Yen Minh pine forest is beautifully likened to “a beautiful girl”.

Yen Minh is a northern border district of Vietnam, in Ha Giang province. Yen Minh is 100 km northeast of Ha Giang town, with 25.27 km of border. Adjacent to China in the north, The South borders Cao Bang and Bac Me, the East borders Dong Van, Meo Vac and the West borders Quan Ba ​​and Vi Xuyen. Yen Minh has two main rivers flowing through: the Mien River and the Nhiem River.

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Yen Minh Ha Giang pine forest

Yen Minh is a wide green grassland, located on the hill of Yen Minh town. Viewed from above, the road to Yen Minh creates perfect curves which is extremely beautiful.

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Going through the winding roads, winding like a silk ribbon, there is a beautiful pine road. The pine forest strip of Yen Minh and Ha Giang is green, spreading in the misty color, creating magical and beautiful pictures like fairyland. Visitors arriving here, moving away from the hustle and bustle of street life, inhale the faint scent in the cold wind and night mist of young pine resin, experience all the freshest things of the Yen Minh forest.

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The road winding Yen Minh steppe

Yen Minh pine forest stretches for several tens of kilometers on low hills, embracing the peaceful valley. Coming to Yen Minh, visitors can also see the upstream rivers lying beside the massive high cliffs. Yen Minh pine forest has created an interesting feature of Yen Minh steppe.

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Yen Minh pine forest

The beautiful Yen Minh pine forest is also adorned with the vibrant red color of the hippocampus flowers. The brilliant branches of the garden erase the monotonous green color of the mountains here.

Yen Minh forest also brings a breathtaking beauty to the landscape here.

Phượt rừng thông Yên Minh - Khám phá "Đà Lạt của Hà Giang"

Hidden among pine forests, bamboo forests, amidst the vast greenery of Yen Minh steppe forests, somewhere in the home of upland ethnic groups is still visible. The houses reported, the ethnic colors on the colorful brocade costumes of upland children. All make a colorful picture.

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The scenery of the Yen Minh forest is likened to Da Lat and Tam Dao. No matter what places are like, the beauty of this place still has its own poetic character. 

Yen Minh is an interesting place for tourists who want to travel, explore and relax in Ha Giang. Yen Minh – a green, beautiful and dreamy steppe will surely leave the best impression on all who have arrived here. Come to Ha Giang  to discover this land right away!