Hon Tam- Nha Trang

Hon Tam Nha Trang  (Thuy Kim Son Island) is an island of more than 110ha located in the middle of the blue sea in four seasons which is full of sun and wind. Hon Tam is  7 km southeast of Nha Trang city. The name Hon Tam also has a symbolic meaning given by the fishermen in ancient times because the island looks like a green silkworm with its head facing the East.

Hon Tam Nha Trang

Hon Tam has playgrounds: soccer, volleyball on the sand. In addition to sightseeing, bathing, restoring health, visitors can also participate in attractive entertainment activities including mountain climbing, forest exploration, boating, sailing, fishing, underwater hunting or show your courage with thrilling sports like parachuting, windsurfing, water motorbikes.

About 10 minutes southwest of Hon Tam mountain climbing is a very pristine Thien Nga beach with fine sandy carpet and rock formations. This place is being invested to build mountain climbing paths, terrain bicycle racing tracks, raising some birds, animals and organizing for tourists to hunt. Coming to Hon Tam , visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood which is fresh and affordable. From Hon Tam, Nha Trang city can be seen in the North and Cam Ranh peninsula to the South.

Hon Tam Nha Trang


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