Tourists who visit Thien Duong cave are struck by the shimmering beauty of thousand-year-old stalactites, which form beautiful, strange shapes and reflect sunlight, giving visitors the impression that they have entered a paradise.


The magical scene of Thien Duong cave – Source: Collected

Son Doong is the most well-known cave, and many people want to visit and explore it at least once.

However, there is another cave system in Quang Binh province that is equally attractive to tourists, Thien Duong cave.

Thien Duong Cave, located in the core ecosystem of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh province, is a popular tourist attraction, particularly during the summer.

Thien Duong Cave, also known as the “underground maze,” is located in the heart of a limestone mountain complex at an elevation of 191 meters, surrounded by pristine primeval forest.

Thien Duong Cave, with a length of up to 31.4km, a width of about 30-100m, and a depth of about 60-80m, was discovered by cave experts from the Royal British Cave Association in 2005 and is now recognized as Asia’s longest dry cave.

The beauty of Thien Duong Cave has long been praised by many famous magazines around the world, including CNN and Channel News Asia.

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Stalactites are created by nature in a variety of shapes – Source: Channel News Asia

Thien Duong Cave has a majestic and magnificent structure formed by the combination of natural light from the skylight and thousand-year-old stalactites of various shapes.

Because of this one-of-a-kind combination, experts consider Thien Duong cave to be a paradise on Earth.

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Thousand-year-old stalactites with diverse shapes – Source: Collected

This is also why Thien Duong Cave is so appealing, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to see, experience, and feel the beauty despite having to travel a long and bumpy road to get there.

Thien Duong Cave has a small cave entrance and a moderate slope. After passing through the cave entrance, visitors will arrive at the cave floor, which is about 15 meters long and covered in stalactites.

When visitors enter the main cave, they will find themselves in an extremely large dynamic space with a width of up to 200 metres and a high and wide cave arch.

The best time to visit Thien Duong cave is from early April to late August because it is the dry season, and the weather is dry, making it easy to move around and enjoy the beauty of Thien Duong cave.

Because it is located under the ground and there is also an underground stream, the temperature in the cave is extremely cool, only 20-21 degrees Celsius, in complete contrast to the cave hot sultry Summer outside.

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As the longest dry cave in Asia, throughout the length of the cave is a 1,000m long artificial wooden bridge system that helps visitors explore most of the most unique features in the cave system here.

The first impression of visitors who come to explore this cave is the magnificent, shimmering beauty of thousand-year-old stalactites and stalagmites formed naturally, forming strange but combine to create extremely beautiful shapes.

Not only that, these shapes reflect sunlight creating different colors, making visitors feel like they have entered a paradise, fairy scene.

In addition to the beauty of the stalactites, Thien Duong cave also has an extremely impressive underground stream system. Visitors can rent kayaks to row along the stream.

The journey across the stream is considered by many people to be the most interesting in the journey to explore Thien Duong cave.

Under the guidance of a boating expert, visitors can safely admire the scenery and enjoy the masterpiece of the cave dome with sparkling stalactites right above their heads.

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The Sky Well area belongs to Thien Duong cave – Source: Ba Ngoc/Vietnam Pictorial

After passing the underground stream, just conquer one more section, visitors will reach the skylight – the most impressive place to admire and check in when coming to Thien Duong cave.

This place has a pillar of light shining straight from the sky to the bottom of the cave, creating beautiful, brilliant light.

Many tourists like to conquer the atrium of Thien Duong cave because this place has the beauty of harmony between Heaven and Earth, creating a masterpiece, worthy of the name “earthly fairyland”.