Enjoy interesting breakfast with giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Giraffe Manor is a boutique hotel located southwest of Nairobi, where guests are attracted by the rustic brick building or lush grass around the hotel’s campus when they come here. It also combines with more than ten Rothschild giraffes – inquisitive guests who are always prepared to peer through a window to have breakfast with visitors before returning to the neighboring natural reserve region.


Beautiful rural architecture with vines covers the walls of The Manor. But it is not the most attractive point for visitors when stepping here.


In addition, the Rothschild giraffes are the endangered giraffe that often visit the hotel every morning, every night that makes visitors fascinate.


The even-minded giraffes walking on the green grass surrounded the hotel.


The giraffes will visit here to enjoy breakfast with travelers before returning to Ngong Hills sanctuary.


They stuck their head curiously through the window and enjoy the food on the plates naturally.

wanderlust_tips_enjoy-breakfust-with giraffe-in-Kenya2

Even the plates also reproduce the characteristic typical colors of Rothschild giraffes.

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The visitors, especially children extremely interested in interacting with these graceful and cute giraffes.


Sometimes, these special guests also fossick dishes to look for food.

giraffe-manor-between-nairobi-and-the-ngong-hills-nature-reserve-enjoy breakfast

Not only close to the lovely long neck friends, but the Manor Hotel is also located between Nairobi, and the conservation zone is the luxurious and comfortable resting place.


Guests can catch the beautiful moments like the fairytale when the Rothschild giraffes visit.

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The small hotel has a capacity for 25 guests, with the price per night, is more than 500USD.