Dubai Hotel: Burj al-Arab – The World’s Most Expensive 7-Star Hotel

Burj al-Arab is a luxury hotel in Dubai, the second largest city after Abu Dhabi capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and called “the first 7-star hotel of the world”. It was designed by architect Tom Wright WS Atkins PLC but the exterior was conceptualized by Khuan. With a height of 321m, this is the tallest building to be used as a luxury hotel when completed and opened in 1999. It was built for 6 years. It is located on an artificial island away from the beach Jumerirah and connects to the mainland by a bridge. This hotel features a symbolic architecture, a a symbol of Dubai and takes the shape of an Arab sail on the sea.

Burj al-Arab

This is one of the most wonderful hotels in the world including 28 floors, 202 rooms scattered across 26 floors of the hotel, including 1 spacious and lavish Royal Suite room. The staff ratio is 8:1 and there are 60 reception counters. There are lavish services such as butler, shuttle by Roll Royce or helicopter, using ipad 24k gold shell. It also has 8 restaurants, including 1 restaurant under the ocean, 4 swimming pools, modern gym, luxury bar and spa. Especially, there is a helipad, which is also a tennis court suspended in the air. Many places in the hotel are inlaid with gold leaf, swarovski crystals and statuario marble. Each year, 10 tons of chocolate are used in the desserts here

Burj al-Arab

The staff of the hotel includes 1,500 carefully selected people, including 200 chefs, 70 staff members. Candidates who enter here have to take a luxury knowledge test such as: “What is cashmere wool?” or: “Name a luxury bag brand” …

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