Dubai Gold Souk- Discover The 10 Ton Gold Market In Dubai

Dubai Gold Souk is located in the Deira district of the ancient city of Dubai. The charm of this rich market is that in the Kanz Jewelery Gold Store right in the entrance, the Najmat Taiba Gold Ring, which has reached the world’s largest record, is displayed. In the market’s 300 gold stores, Arab men dressed in white robes and red plaid scarves sell all kinds of jewels of gold, silver and various other gems.

Gold Souk Gold Market - Discover The 10 Ton Gold Market In Dubai

The world-famous Najmat Taiba gold ring is the property of the Saudi jewelry maker Taiba. It was made from 58.7 kg of 21K gold in 2000, and also has 5.1 kg of precious stones, including 615 Swarovski crystals. Najmat Taiba was made by 55 silver workers for 45 days and after that, it was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records and the World Gold Council as the largest gold ring in the world. A lot of people stood in front of this giant ring, measuring 2.2m in circumference and 63,856kg in total weight to take pictures before going deep inside the market.

Gold Souk Gold Market - Discover The 10 Ton Gold Market In Dubai

Inside the market, visitors continue to be stunned by all kinds of delicate and elaborate gold jewelry, such as necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, rings, watches, all kinds of statues, etc. In addition, there are unique things such as gold masks, curtains, belts, ties, shirts, etc. Each item costs from thousands to tens thousands USD.

Gold Souk Gold Market - Discover The 10 Ton Gold Market In Dubai

Formed in the 1940s from iron sourced from Iranian and Indian merchants, they initially set up the first gems and gold trading stalls under the Emirate’s duty-free free trade policy. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 10 to 25 tons of gold available for sale today – most of which comes from Switzerland and other countries. The Gold Souk Market is truly the heart of the Deira region, Commercial center of the old town of Dubai .

Gold Souk Gold Market - Discover The 10 Ton Gold Market In Dubai

Up to the present in the travel guidebook, Gold Souk Gold Market is in the list of 10 most famous markets in Dubai. At this point,  this gold market is really the “paradise of jewelry” that people often praise.

Especially behind the gate, a covered walkway and wooden pillars stretching 100m, the two sides are brightly lit with stalls displaying Arabian-style gold and silver.

Through the windows, rings and bracelets strung horizontally, chains drop as thick as curtains, and a full-bodied match-necklace around the bustle of a mannequin, an iridescent gold jacket with a trim strip attached shimmering gems! In the stalls, there are other incredible jewelry masterpieces: veils, didasha cross-robes… All crafted from gold, which is sophisticated and sparkle.

The more crowded the Gold Souk market got at night, the more brilliant the gold and silver are.. At the end of the aisle of Gold Souk Gold Market is another wooden entrance gate. Under the glittering Dubai – City of Gold, an electronic alphabet is regularly updating the prices of gold, foreign currencies, and indices of exchanges around the world. This board only stops flashing when the gold market closes at 10 o’clock at night.

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