Drinking and Nightlife in Da Nang: Bars, Clubs, and Craft Beer

Compared to the fully-fledged nightlife scene of Saigon that caters to your every taste and style, Da Nang is more low key. Mixology bars, you have a couple, you even got your craft beer spot. Da Nang is dynamic and young, and these characteristics are reflected in its people. The city offers you a fresher, more localized drinking and dancing experience, that will truly pull you back night after night, even if you have a full day of outdoor activities Da Nang. So, let Focus Asia Travel dig in: drinking and nightlife in Da Nang and where to experience the best of the best!

How Locals Drink in Da Nang

This legendary Vietnamese cheering chant can be heard everywhere in Da Nang once the sun begins to fade. You will hardly experience this in Saigon, where people drink in enclosed spots. But in this city, you will see people partying and enjoying the cool night air out on the streets! Similar to Saigon, Da Nang is also a top destination for young people from all over Vietnam to pursue their future, but the lifestyles of the two cities are totally different. Blessed by its wonderful vacation-esque settings, people are more open and sociable towards travelers in Da Nang, while in Saigon, people tend to stick to what they know.

Drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
Drinking beer in Da Nang

A night out in Da Nang is not fulfilling if you savor your own food and drink privately. You should go where the locals go, socialize, and become part of the community. Toast beers, share some shots with a table next to you, and you will see what I mean. There are a whole lot of places for you to do just that – local pubs, bars, and clubs.

Yet, for those of you looking for more sophisticated flavors, in terms of craft beer and mixology cocktails, there aren’t as many options. Saigon offers more of that. But select bars whisper from tucked-away alleys, with a really nice local touch and a whole lot of soul in each drink.

Places to Drink in Da Nang

Whether drinking with locals on the streets, dancing your hearts out in a high-end club, or savoring local cocktail flavors, Da Nang’s got it all. After spending a day on the beach or visiting the nearby Marble Mountains, you’ll need to recharge and collect the day’s stories. It is best to sip a happy concoction and chill for the night. And I know exactly where you should go.

This list consists of local cocktail bars, craft beer spots, popular hang-out places, and high-end nightclubs. Mot, Hai, Ba, Dzo!

Local Cocktail Flavors of Da Nang

Instead of catching up with the classy mixology trends in Saigon, the local mixologists of Da Nang are creating more laid-back flavors of their own while capturing the Vietnamese identity in their drinks. Rather than utilizing expensive liquors, the bar artists use local ingredients such as fruit and spices, so the flavors are straightforward and fresh. You’ll sip these cocktails served in a teapot, or a bamboo stalk with a lotus petal for garnish. It is sure to be one hell of an experience that will perfect your vacation.

My Casa Da Nang Fusion Restaurant & Cocktaileria – Home away from Home Cuisine & Cocktails

Address: 52 Vo Nghia, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 11 AM – 2 PM and 5 PM – 10 PM, closed on Wednesday
Price: 50,000 VND – 180,000 VND
Homepage: My Casa Da Nang 

Drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
My Casa Da Nang coktail

This adorable homey restaurant is under the nurture of three friends from all over the world: Sharon from Italy who knows pasta, Jorge from Spain with his Tapas knowledge, and a touch of Malaysia from Kong. Their vision is to bring a home vibe to those travelers who are craving their familiar flavors. My Casa is a good choice for you in experiencing nightlife in Da Nang.

This restaurant offers a huge menu of homemade dishes with personal twists and a gallery of handcrafted cocktails from fresh local ingredients. Authenticity is the keyword, so no crazy mixes other than these tropical classics like a mojito, piña colada, and daiquiri. But hey, they are extremely good, I must say they have the best mojito in town. And the buy-one-get-one happy hour makes it even better.

Wanderlust Coffee & Cocktail Bar – A Bar of a Once Wandering Mixologist

Address: 30 An Thuong, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 5 PM till late
Price: from 80,000 VND
Homepage: Wanderlust

Drinking and nightlife Da Nang
Wanderlust cocktail and coffee bar

Claiming to be the first legit cocktail bar in Da Nang for those mixology enthusiasts, the Wanderlust Bar has caught a lot of interest and curiosity from the locals and travelers alike. Behind the bar door lies the adventures of a funky Vietnamese bartender – Ho Anh Tuan.

This guy is a typical talented person that you might come across in these modern days of flourishing Vietnam. A gifted dude that realized a big place was just too stuffy for him, he decided to reject a sweet paying job at InterContinental Da Nang and opened his own bar, on the back of a bike, at the beach. On a beautiful day, Mr. Shota Nakamori was having a typical business-man’s vacation, and the bar caught his interest. Boom, the Wanderlust was born. The first cocktail was served on August 6th of 2017. This cocktail later became the signature of the bar, the Smoking Old Fashioned.

Another drink that really shines is The Lotus cocktail, symbolizing the essence of the Vietnamese national flower. Served in a dried bamboo stalk with lotus seeds as garnish, it is truly the most Vietnamese cocktail that you have ever experienced. It was the winning cocktail at a competition held for local bartenders in the InterContinental Da Nang and chosen to be the signature of the L_o_n_G Bar there. Therefore, we believe, the best version would be the original one made by its father, despite the fact that the one in InterCon is a tad fancier in looks.

L_o_n_G Bar – InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort– Journey Through Vietnam in a Glass

Address: InterContinental Da Nang, Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 10 AM – midnight
Price: 200,000 VND Entrance Fee, 200,000 VND ++ for drinks
Website:L_O_N_G Bar Da Nang 

Best nightlife in Da Nang
Long Bar Da Nang

If you have all the cash to spare for the best drinks and vibes of what Vietnam has to offer, feel free to enjoy the L_o_n_G Bar of InterContinental Da Nang. There website nails their aesthetic:

This uniquely designed extra-long bar blends contemporary style with colonial elegance on a tranquil beachfront setting in Da Nang. Behind black and white lacquered bamboo find an elongated surfboard table and nesting chairs loosely derived from Asian fishermen’s baskets. Or recline on beachfront daybeds set with round wooden trays borrowed directly from Southeast Asian hill tribes. Above the bar, the ocean breeze is helped along by a fanciful row of electric-powered punkah fans.”

Their cocktail list titled “Journey Through Vietnam in a Glass”  is exceptionally l_o_n_g as well, featuring all the best creations from local talents all over the country! And on top of that is Mr. Ho Anh Tuan’s The Lotus cocktail, nestled in a freshly-cut green bamboo stalk with a delicate lotus petal, making this place worth a few extra bucks. Other cocktails you should try are the Boiling Bourbon Bergamot in a teapot and the tongue-numbing Heavenly Fire with fresh local chilies. Each of the cocktails on the list is sophisticatedly made and dedicatedly presented, telling the story of this rising city.

Minsk Bar

Address: 59 Ngo Thi Sy, My Khe Beach, Da Nang (at the corner of An Thuong 3 and Ngo Thi Sy street)
Opening hours: 2 PM – 2 AM
Homepage: Minsk Bar – Don-vi Toi  

Best drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
Misk Bar Da Nang

Minsk Bar has another Vietnamese name that is more known to locals and expats: Don-vi Toi. This is an absolutely perfect place to grab a beer and chill with your friends on the weekend. It has a classic bohemian theme that was inspired by the reggae legend Bob Marley and his lifestyle. Laid-back and easy, Minsk Bar has been a popular stop for both foreigners and locals. You can easily see a group of interesting strangers from all across the world getting along and chatting, maybe playing a little foosball. The vibe and atmosphere are genuine, and this is sometimes hard to find in a popular beach town.

The best part is, this bar offers beers and other beverages at a very reasonable price. And not to mention that live music from local international bands! Besides, it’s very likely that you’ll be visited by a lovely pup or kitty wandering around the place as they adopt a lot of rescued dogs and cats. Come here, share some good laughs, and enjoy wonderful music with a beer in your hand just by the beach. Minsk Bar is just the right place to sit back and relax and enjoy nightlife like of Da Nang people.

Craft Beer Spots in Da Nang

Craft beers have been an emerging trend in Saigon for years, starting with Saigon itself. Da Nang is also on the move. There are some local restaurants that serve craft beers delivered from Saigon, notably the Fatfish Restaurant & Lounge Bar. But only since November 29th of 2017, the city has its own craft beers – the 7 Bridges Taproom.

Fatfish Restaurant & Lounge Bar – Good Beer and Good Food

Address: 439 Tran Hung Dao, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 11 AM – 12 AM
Price: 95,000 VND for 375ml, 155,000 VND for 500ml, and 145,000 VND for a flight of three (175ml). Food starts from 100,000 VND

Drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
Fatfish Restaurant and Lounge Bar

What are the best friends of craft IPAs, farmhouse beers, and wheat ales? Mediterranean food for sure. How about those crafts from local Vietnamese ingredients? Mediterr-Asian! Welcome to Fatfish.

This restaurant is about out-of-this-world Mediterranean/Asian fusion cuisine, created by gastronomes, for gastronomes. Fresh and tasty. Moreover, to complement the deliciousness, Fatfish has an extended drink list that pairs super well with the food. Check with the server in charge of your dinner to perfectly round out your tastes.

If you are there for beer, they serve any draft beer that is available in the Vietnamese market. There are just three well-selected craft beers from the Pasteur Brewing Street of Saigon– the Jasmine IPA, the Saigon Saison, and the Passion Fruit Wheat Ale. There are more to come in the future but for now, so far so good.

7 Bridges Brewery – The First Craft Beers of Da Nang

Drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
7 bridges brewing

Address: 493 Tran Hung Dao, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 11 AM – 12 AM
Price: 60,000 VND to 125,000 VND

The 7 Bridges Brewery is truly the fire-starter of the craft beer culture in Da Nang. Their creations are international in style, with Japanese inspired Pilsners to Belgian Wheats, with a Vietnamese twist in flavor. Their beers are hop-forward, a trait that is a little lacking in other breweries of Vietnam, which has saddened some craft beer enthusiasts. Hop is essential to beers as a flavor stabilizing agent, in other words, it helps retain and bolster the flavors of a beer, just like the tannins in wine. And 7 Bridges truly meets this balance.

To date, 7 Bridges offers seven craft beers, bearing the names of seven important bridges: Long Bien of Ha Noi, Dragon Bridge of Da Nang, Tran Thi Ly of Da Nang, Thuan Phuoc of Da Nang, the Japanese Bridge of Hoi An, the bridge of Can Tho, and lastly the Brooklyn Bridge of New York. Each beer has distinct characteristics that reflect the places they feature. For example, the Japanese Bridge – Sakura Pilsner was inspired by the charm of Hoi An, featuring European floral hops with the essence of Japanese cherry blossom. The Brooklyn Bridge – New York Rye carries the original flavors of the amber ale that the German immigrants brought to New York in the first half of the 19th Century – a full body rye beer with hint of caramel from American bourbon casks and the typical crispiness from Germany.

Although the beers at 7 Bridges are truly delicious, the view from the top floor of the building is just as good. The top floor of the brewery sees across the river that cuts through Da Nang and the wonderful liveliness and energy of the local people going about their day and night. There is even a billiards room and each floor also has a beautiful rendition of the seven bridges from local artists. I suggest going on a weekend night to see the dragon breathe fire as you sip your cool beer and prepare for a fun night out in Da Nang.

Partying Down to the Streets – Popular Hang-out Spots

If you like quietly and peacefully enjoying your drinks, you may not want to read any further. But that would be a mistake! The fun is just beginning. Mot, hai, ba, dzo!

Golden Pine Pub Da Nang

Da Nang nightlife
Golden pine pub

Address: 52 Bach Dang, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 6 PM till late
Price: starting from 35,000 VND

This is the legendary pub of Da Nang. It’s crowd almost spills onto the street every night. Located by the river bank overlooking the Dragon Bridge, you can expect a hard party, chatty locals, and kicking drinks. What else do you need for an awesome night out? They have it all. Let me tell you my favorite order: two bottles of Jack, a keg of Coke, including an empty beer tower, a shisha bong, and a crew of more than five. There you go.   

Seventeen Saloon Da Nang

Address: 76 Tran Hung Dao, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 7 PM till late
Price: starting from 75,000 VND

If the Golden Pine is just too stuffy and crowded, and you are more into the vibe of live music in a Western-style pub, then the Seventeen Saloon is definitely what you’re looking for. This pub will surely put you right at home with its wooden interior, fun-loving cowgirls, and classic American rock tunes. It’s a nice place to have a conversation with your friends and call it a day.

On The Radio

Drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
On the radio music bar

Address: 35 Thai Phien, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 6 PM till late, local live music from 8:30 PM
Price: starting from 50,000 VND

On the Radio is the most popular live music bar in Da Nang, featuring the local bands and singers from the city performing in what feels like an underground concert venue. This is the perfect place to go if you are looking forward to making friends or just wanting to enjoy a late weekend night in a local way. Make awesome new friends, immerse yourself in great performances, and share chugs of beer with the people around you. Do what the locals do! And lastly for all the ladies, every Tuesday night you can enjoy a free cocktail!

Dress up and Nightclubs!

Wanna join the elites and get lost in crazy EDM pop tunes? I got you covered. The nightclub scene in Da Nang may not be as grand as it is in Saigon but don’t worry. There are a couple of great nightclubs, but the hardcore local crowd will not let you down. Let us get into the fun!

New Phuong Dong Nightclub

Address: 20 Dong Da, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 8 PM till late
Price: Average 400,000 VND – 2,200,000 VND per pax

Drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
New Phuong Dong Club

As Da Nang’s most renowned club since 1994, New Phuong Dong brings you an unforgettable experience with the best sound and light systems in town, plus a laser show. The club offers a super spacious dance floor with standing tables for normal nights out and sofas for the VIPs. The atmosphere is said to be even more festive and lively than that in Saigon. In the middle of the dance floor, there are poles stretching to the ceiling with captivating dancers executing ridiculous pole dancing gymnastic maneuvers up high. The best of Vietnamese clubbing.

Sky 36

Address: 36th floor of Novotel, 36 Bach Dang, Da Nang City
Opening hours: 6 PM till late
Price: starting from 120,000 VND ++
Homepage: Sky36 

Da Nang night clubs
Sky 36 Da Nang

This is the most impressive rooftop club in Vietnam, designed for elites. This notorious bar is 166 meters up high in the sky, offering a spectacular panoramic view of Da Nang at night, and a modern, luxury feel at an affordable price. There are three areas for you to choose from: an outdoor bar, bed sofa area, and an indoor VIP bar. Party-loving crowds with classy outfits, a chill vibe with a well-composed list of EDMs, deep house and hip-hop will keep you on your toes all night long. Sleek!

Board Game Cafes

Playing board games is another great thing to add to your nightlife itinerary here in Da Nang city. During recent years, Da Nang has been bustling with a rising interest in board games among youngsters so a lot of board game cafes and communities were born with great service. Let’s check out these two amazing cafes in Da Nang where you can have a wonderful night playing board games together with friends and family.

Cafe Hoi Da Nang

Address: 46 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Da Nang
Opening hours: 7:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Price: 15,000 VND – 45,000 VND
Homepage: Cafe Hoi Da Nang

Nightlife in Da Nang
Cafe Hoi Da Nang

This place has been a popular spot for many board game lovers in Da Nang. They feature a lot of games for you to play, from the classic Uno or Cards Against Humanity to many other exotic games such as Troyes, Chinatown, Mamma Mia!, etc. You can also purchase a game if you do not want to part with it, but everything Western comes with a high price. Other than that, just pay for your drink which gives you access to any game! However, there are several options that are only available for purchase, so they’re not available for guests to play at the cafe.

Service and drinks are awesome as well. Everyone in Hoi Cafe is very helpful and friendly, from the owners to the staff. If you’re unsure of how the games should be played, just reach out to any of the employees there and they will explain it thoroughly. Besides, Cafe Hoi Da Nang has an airy and relaxing atmosphere so it’s also a nice hideout to read books or chit chat with your friends in case you don’t feel like playing board games. They often organize events for fellow board gamers in Da Nang as to help them connect better, share knowledge on board gaming, and have fun together! You can message Cafe Hoi Da Nang for more information.

Board Game Center Da Nang

Address: 134 Nguyen Duc Trung, Da Nang
Opening hours: 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Price: 15,000 VND – 35,000 VND
Homepage: Board Game Center Da Nang

Da Nang nightlife and drinking
Board game center in Da Nang

You can tell by the name that this place is more intense than Cafe Hoi, and it’s actually true! It’s more like a board game community with many regular members and a large variety of board games for guests to buy and play. They have more than 100 games with both original and extended editions. A highlight of Board Game Center Da Nang is that they have organized events and contests of some Vietnamese original board games that are quite popular to hardcore gamers in the region! If you’re interested, indulge a little to see how to play and what they’re all about.

The whole store is spacious and equipped with nice wooden furniture, which can hold groups up to ten people. Like Cafe Hoi, the staff here is also very welcoming and always willing to help you, especially when you’re playing games. Go spend a night here and make some awesome friends!

Other Wholesome Nightlife Activities

Helio Night Market

Address: Dong Nam Dai tuong niem Park, September 2 (2/9) Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Opening hours:
– Monday – Friday: 5:30 PM – 10 PM
– Saturday, Sunday, and holidays: 8 AM – 10:30 PM
Price: 10,000 VND – 150,000 VND
Homepage: Helio Center

Drinking and nightlife in Da Nang
Helio market in Da Nang

Other than sipping drinks by the beach and dancing in clubs, Da Nang has an amazing night market that should not be missed if you like to eat, chat, and sit beneath twinkling lights. You can eat, drink, go shopping, or even attend a live music concert! Located in the Helio entertainment center, Helio night market is known as the biggest organized market in Da Nang with an extremely wide range of activities and areas to explore. Helio’s opening time was limited to weekends only when it was first introduced to the public in the summer of 2017, but now you can come here every night!

In general, Helio night market has three areas: food and drink, shopping, and stage for seasonal music and festival events. It resembles street food markets in Thailand with arranged kiosks. You can enjoy a massive variety of iconic food from many cultures here: spicy Tteokbokki from Korea, Japanese pancakes, dimsum and dumplings of China, and of course not without local classics in Da Nang such as bun cha ca (vermicelli with fish paste), bun thit nuong (vermicelli with grilled meat), and so on.

For those who are looking for city souvenirs, head to the shopping area. They sell a lot of items ranging from clothes, phone cases to handmade souvenirs with a very cheap price. However, foreigner travelers should always ask price first or have a local guide at your side if possible to avoid scams.

You can also enjoy a live music concert. Helio night market features many genres such as EDM, acoustic, and rock. Many summer festivals are held here as well with even more activities to join and more attendants to create a super vibrant atmosphere.

Well, that pretty much wraps up all the options for a funky night out in Da Nang. Check out these following articles for savoring your days in this beautiful city!