Dangerous tours

In recent years, the adventure tourism trend has tended to be exciting, because the group of people who like strong feelings and want to discover new things.

adventure travel

1. Joke with crocodiles

At the Crocosaurus Cove resort in the city of Darwin, Northern Territory (Australia), it is now offering a strange type of tourism that causes heart-pounding: playing with crocodiles. Visitors are standing in a 9-foot (2.7m) high transparent barrel dropped in the middle of giant Choppa crocodiles, very ferocious saltwater crocodiles, they can even grab the barrel but are safe. It is considered a thrilling entertainment that is very impressive, and many curious people like to explore.

adventure travel

2. Boat racing over the falls

Participants in the Iguazu waterfalls racing tour have a very special impression. Iguazu Falls is twice as tall and wide as the Niagara Tower, in addition, on the river connecting the two countries Argentina and Brazil, there are up to 275 large and small waterfalls creating an extremely impressive tour, especially for those who love the river. Just paying 15 USD, visitors can get a package tour to explore the Iguazu falls, but those with weak heart and poor health should not participate because in 2011, 2 American tourists died and 5 Another was seriously injured by the capsized boat, of which 3 German tourists were seriously injured by kicking.

adventure travel

3. Parachute from towering peaks

Norway is a country with many identical mountain landscapes, including towering rocks, the ideal skydiving place. Not only skydiving, thrills like climbers, photographers also climbed this unique place.

jump from the top of the high mountain

According to Charles Lindbergh, tourists who have enjoyed this breathtaking travel say that: “To enjoy these strange feelings, first of all, you must have health, no cardiovascular disease or heart failure because the view is very scary”. 

4. Cross the volcano

Crossing a volcano (Volcano Bungee) or flying over a volcano or “throwing yourself” into an active volcano is an adventure tour that takes place at the Bungee volcano near Pucon, Chile. Adventurous people can parachute from a helicopter down to the crater, feet are tied to the plane to lift and fall. With a period of 6 days, priced at 9,995 USD, visitors will enjoy an attractive adventure tour, including accommodation and all other necessary expenses.

5. Cross “the road of death” El Caminito De Rey

In Spain, nowadays, a special tour is being offered for thrill-seekers, crossing the craggy route on the El Caminito De Rey cliffs in the south that dates back more than 110 years.

go through the road of death