10+ stunning images of the autumn season depict the weaving of ‘yellow carpets’ all over the world.

Autumn is on its way to Northern Hemisphere countries. Autumn’s stunning scenery entices visitors from all over the world. Allow yourself to be immersed in autumn by viewing photos of yellow leaves from around the world.

1. China

autumn in China, yellow leaves

Autumn leaves in Asia, particularly in Japan, Korea, and China, turn yellow. The best time to see the autumn scenery in Great Wall country is in October, when tourists flock to Jiuzhaigou, near Chengdu, Sichuan, which has been dubbed “heaven on earth.”

2. Japan

autumn in japan travel photos travel guides

In addition to the famous cherry blossom season, Japan is enthralling tourists with red-yellow leaves that span the country, with Kyoto, Osaka… being the most popular cities to admire the beauty of autumn in Japan.

3. Russia

tatarstan russia autumn travel spots

The photo, taken in Tatarstan, Russia, looks like an oil painting with the beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors of a fairy tale.

yellow autumn levitan russia travel destinations

Autumn in Russia is probably a “wonder” that tourists can not miss when coming to this country. Especially, normal forests will become as romantic and poetic as the famous work of art “Yellow Autumn” by Levitan.

4. Czech Republic

prague, czech autumn travel photos

The scene of an antique train slowly entering Prague, Czech Republic’s capital, is breathtaking, like something out of a dream in autumn.

5. Germany

bavaria germany autumn travel attractions

Many tourists consider Bavaria, Germany, to be a beautiful place to visit during the autumn season. It is also a popular tourist destination in the autumn, when Munich hosts the Oktoberfest festival.

6. Scotland

scotland autumn travel photos

Autumn in the Scottish countryside is not too brilliant but still captivates tourists.

7. The north of Wales

llanrwst wales autumn travel photos

In the autumn, a layer of trees with red and yellow leaves covers the house built in the 15th century in Llanrwst, Wales.

8. USA

wed field in autumn sonoma califotnia america destinations

Weed fields turn into yellow color in Sonoma, California, USA.

9. Romania

biertan transylvania romani autumn castles

Biertan, Transylvania, Romania is well known for its beautiful buildings like castles in the fairy tale.

10. New England

new england autumn forests travel photos

The changing color of a tree marks the change of seasons in the forest of New England, United States. The contrast in color between the trees creates a romantic and fanciful setting.

11. Canada

red maple leaf symbol of canada autumn travel destinations

The red maple leaf is a symbol of Canada, which is why autumn is the most popular time of year for many tourists visiting Canada.