10+ images depict the tranquillity of Mongolian living amid the steppes.

In the fall, Genghis Khan’s country seems calm and lovely, with large fields, a line of birch with gold leaves, and softly smokey tent homes of dusk.


Mongolia is an Asian nation bordered to the north by Russia, and to the south, east, and west by China. Despite having the world’s 19th biggest land area, this country has a population of less than 3 million people (approximately in 2015). Mongolia offers breathtaking landscapes, with steppes, mountains, and deserts dominating the landscape.


Autumn in Mongolia also has pine woods with drying leaves intermingled with gold-leaf birch, creating a beautiful scene.


Guests can catch a glimpse of the wild geese swimming in the wide and peaceful lake. Mongolian tent houses and peacefully grazing horses may be seen on the other side.


Drove of horses has been relaxing and freely grazing grass after carrying passenger travel, fixtures, and cargo.


The wide meadows are also coated with yellow in fall. Mongolia’s environment is characterized by a magnificent wildness, making it an appealing location for travelers interested in exploration.


Visitors to Mongolia can rent horses to go about, pick alternative stops, and plan camping and cooking fires in the open grassland.


Setting up tents to sleep, enjoy quiet space, and wildness is a wonderful experience that makes people feel as though life is extremely lovely.


For thousands of years, Mongolian tents have been known as traditional Ger. They have characteristics such as comfort, gentle movement, cold resistance, environmental friendliness, and storm resistance.


The stove is the most essential item in these dwellings, and there isn’t much furniture inside. The transparent smoke billowing from tent homes in the early morning or dusk is a symbol of life here.


Butter produced from Yak cow’s milk is widely available on the local market. Lightly perfumed butter and fat in the form of condensed butter are combined with green tea to create a drink that raises the temperature and provides great cold resistance. This is one of the Mongolian nomads’ specialities.